I lay next to my ward, glad she's alright. The wolves in these forests are merciless.

I hear the zipper of the tent move, and I growl at the man coming in. He glares at me, and becomes a large wolf with tan fur.

I silence my anger and back away from Ryder, whom he desires. He returns to his human form, and sit next to her, gently touching her cheek and playing with her hair.

He looks up at me. "I won't hurt her, mutt." I lay down, insulted. We're half-brothers, and he calls me mutt? He's an unholy mixture of proud wolf and arrogant human.

He stays for a time before leaving, zipping the door on our little shelter. I return to her side, keeping her warm.


I moan as I sit up. Nothing's changed in the tent, but something doesn't feel right. I swiftly change into a t-shirt and jeans and leave, bringing Canavar at my side. Everyone is gathered by the dining hall, quiet expecting the few who are crying. I walk up to the crowd, and receive glares the Devil would hid from.

"She did it!" What?

"The dog killed him!" Come again?

"She lured him into the forest and ordered that vicious mutt to attack!" Okay, you're all psycopaths.

"What did we do?" I ask honestly.

Ayden walks in front of me. "They think you killed Lane." He whispers to me, giving them a menacing side-glance. "Ryder wouldn't do that." He bellows at them, making the majority flinch. Lane's dead? Should I cry or cheer? I know that's a terrible question to ask, but we did just break up. I can't be expected to be sympathetic.

"I'm not sure." I mutter. Most of the night was a bit blurry.

Ayden glares at me. "You were with me when Lane must have been attacked. You couldn't move so I carried you." The other girls sigh collectively. Yeah, you wanna piece of my cutie, you must be like me.

The people mutter a bit, but relax. "There are wolves in these woods, they could've been hunting and thought Lane was a moose." They seem content with that answer, but I'm not. What would kill Lane? Then I remember the beast with yellow eyes and warm furry hands... but it couldn't exist. It was my mind scaring me in the night.

I walk to the dining hall and just eat toast. Ayden insists that I eat more, but I don't think I can. I probably hallucinated, and stay with that idea.

Almost no one would even look at me. Even though they had said that it was wolves, they still blamed me for Lane's murder. And for all I know, Canavar might've gotten out and thought that since Lane and I weren't on good terms he was an enemy. He'd done it before, so I wouldn't put it past him.

I meander through the forest, no place in mind. I stop, looking over a small utopia in the woods. A little crystal clear waterfall tumbles into a pond, with small orange fishes swimming around in the water. The grass is a vibrate green, with a little rock just on the edge of the water. I sit down and close my eyes, listening to the water cascade and crash together.

As I listen, I hear a rustling behind me. I don't move, I just breathe calmingly. It's a deer, or a rabbit. "Miss?" Or it could be a man. That's always a possibility.

I keep my eyes on the waterfall. "Oui, monsieur?" I didn't study French for six years for nothing. This way, I can act like I don't understand him.

I can imagine him smirking as he responds, "Mademoiselle, que faites-vous ici, par vous-même?" He's onto me. Crap.

"Je pense que le plus facile sur le mien." I glance out of the corner of my eye, and although I don't let him see it, my heart melts. His hair is a black, kind of shaggy, but not irritatingly long, and his tan skin enhances his clear blue eyes. And he's not wearing a shirt, so his abs are totally exposed. And they're the type on abs you can trace! Ugh, why is he so hot?

I move over and over him a stop on the rock, which he quickly fills. "Can you speak English, or is just French?" He moves closer, so I scoot away just a bit. His jeans rub against the rock as he again moves closer.

"I can speak English." I go to move over again, but he grabs my wrist. That's when I feel my body leaning off the rock. He pulls me carefully back onto the rock, moving over for me. "Thanks." I breathe.

He grins, showing off perfect teeth. "You're welcome." He brushes some hair out of my eyes, which from what dad used to say is classic flirting. I look at his abs again and fight to touch them. Obviously he sees it and smiles, probably dying laughing inside. I look back at the waterfall, probably redder than lipstick. "I'm Hemene." He says cooly, unaffected by my embarrassment.

"I'm Ryder."

He smiles, like that just made his day. "You have to head back to your campsite."

I stand up, "I never said I was camping here." Was he watching me?

He smirks. "There's very little that happens in these woods that my brothers and I don't know about, Ryder."

Oh. "So you know about the murder?" He nods solemnly. "Did you see what happened?"

He shakes his head. "I was asleep, but there was blood in the forests." He turns to the trees, like something is calling him. "I'm walk you back to your camp, Galilahi."


He chuckles, like I said something stupid. "Galilahi is a nickname I've chosen to call you." Hmm, interesting. Shouldn't I have been consulted, or we should've wait until we know each other a bit more.

We trek through the woods, he obviously knew where he was going. But he keeps at my pace, catching me when I stumble. As we reach the edges of the site, he grabs my arm. "Galilahi, if anything happens and you're scared, just call out my name, alright?" I nod, and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. He deserved it. I walk back into camp and call Canavar back to my side.

The rest of the day goes by in a kind of quietly, the death of Lane being the highlight of everyone else's day. No one was allow anyone to see the ravanged body, but the men who came to take the body away seemed pretty frazzled.

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