Chapter 3

Shep's POV:

After talking with my mom about what things had been happening to me and then finding out about her

UFO abduction . I set up for several hours thinking about what she said . Could I be some kind of hybrid human/alien , then a funny thought struck me . Yeah, i'm a werewolf/human/alien hybrid … wonder i'm so strange to everyone . I guess I fell asleep somewhere around 3 am and had the weirdest dream or I hope it was a dream.

Shep's Dream:

It seemed like it was at night and I was in full transformation in what appeared to be a deep forest. I evidently had been running a lot and seemed tired out so I transformed back to my human form. I sat down by a tree to rest maybe what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes latter an errie , creepy sort of silence

came over the place . You know total silence , no crickets chirping , no ruright beastling of leaves in a wind kind of thing. My wolf senses went off I knew something was up just didn't know what . Suddenly without warning a bright beam of white light engulfed me and I was floating up in the air towards what appeared to be the source of the light.

The next thing that I noticed was I was inside an encloser that was extremely lite up and everything was white , other colors could I discern. Then what appeared to be a door opened on one side and 3

silver grey huminoid creatures walked or glided towards me. The one that was in the lead raised his hand either as a command for the others to stop or as a greeting towards me . When I heard via telapathically much like we as a werewolves in full transformation would communicate.

"We mean you no harm you are one of us and one of the humans creatures as well but we have detected an additional element in your make up which wasn't there at your conception with the human female we artificially fertilized. You seem to have a wild animal within you which has great strength but yet is fearful . This is something we never planned on but is an interesting set of properties we'd like to play out in you. We need to do a physical on you , I must warn you at times it may be extremely painful .

It's not that we are trying to intentionally hurt you but simply part of the procedure ."

At which point before I could react or say anything another light pulsating it seemed surrounded me and I was emobilized . As much as I tried to move I couldn't.

The 1st alien the one I believe was communicating to me spoke, " Please do not struggle against this it only makes it worse on you as far as the pain, try to relax as much as you can during this our child .

He kepted calling me , "Our child ?!" Did that mean that I was actually some kind of alien half breed as well just as I had thought earlier before this?" I ask myself. "The alien did say I was one of them and

human as well ."

The next thing I knew a bolt a sheer pain went through my body to the extent that I think I passed out.

When I woke up I wasn't in my house I was in the woods laying on some soft moss under a large tree

next to a small creek. I was in my human form though. Some how the aliens had changed me , I could feel it . I just didn't know what it was until I transformed again.

Mr. Stradford's POV:

The next morning after Honey told me of her encounter with the white snow wolf , I was in the kitchen

waiting for her to come down from her room for breakfast before going to school. She came bouncing down the stairs in her new cheer outfit because she had made the squad just a few days before. She was excited because this evening would be her first time preforming with the squad at a school football game.

"Hi , dad what's for breakfast?" she jubilantly said.

"Oh , scrambled eggs , link sausage , o'brein hash browns and toast . Your choice of orange, apple, or

grapefruit juice." I replied.

"Yum, sounds delicious so i'll take the grapefruit juice ,dad." was her curt but polite reply.

"Hey pumpkin , I have a question for you?" I said.

"Shoot it to me, dad." she cutely said.

"Well I was just curious about this encounter with the white wolf you had last night. I was wondering if

you got his scent or not? I ask curiously.

"Ya, but it wasn't one I could recognize , I don't believe he was a member of the pack though." she replied back.

" Well could you send me the scent , i'd like to see if I could locate this wolf." I stated.

"You know we'll have to transform to do that dad." she shot back at me.

"I kniow sweet heart but this is impotant to me."

We both transformed and she sent telapathically the scent she got from the white wolf yesterday.

Then we transformed back to our human form.

"Thanks pumpkin I appreciate that." I said.

"Your welcome daddy but i've got to scoot to school now so i'll see you latter ok."

"Ok, and thanks again , Pumpkin," I stated.

Without letting her know when she sent me the scent I knew it was the young boy I marked so long ago. So , I thought, " We are about to get a change in leadership with a great white snow wolf!"

Now all I have to do is locate him and confront him with his options.

After she left I left the house in search of the mysterious white wolf , thinking he's about the same age as my daughter so a good possible place to look might be the high school. Rememebering the scent my daughter sent me I realized when I marked that he wasn't very good looking . So i'll combine what I know with the scent and hopefully find him.

Shep's POV:

Beep...Beep...Beep... Be... as I hit the alarm stop button... "Uggg... friday morning... but the weekend is coming." I mummbled to myself.

"Hey Shep , time to get up dear..." my mom called down the hallway of our single story flat.

"Ya... Mom I'm up already." I hoolered back down the hallway.

"Hurry up your breakfast is almost ready and I know you don't like it cold." she hollered.

"'ll be there in a minute or two." as I pulled on the clothes I had lain out last night.

Two minutes latter I walked into the kitchen were my mom was just setting the breakfast nook.

My mom laughed , "Your sure prompt and not a second to spare."

I scarfed down my breakfast and hit the door running because I had a 10 minute run to get to school

if I took the back route which was through the strip of woods that ran almost the length of the way to the I transformed to my full wolf I hadn't seen the change yet (lol.. no mirrors).

I got to almost the end of the strip of woods when I transformed back to my human form. However unbeknowst to me Mr. Stratford was watching the school intrance from the same wood strip and close enough that he saw who I was in both my wolf form and human I was in such a hurry that I didn't notice that someone was there as well.

I cleared the woods as myself 6'8" of skin and bones and just as ugly as ever . My almost albino white

hair and skin tone didn't help me much in the looks department either . Crossing the small strip of cleared land that lead up to the school I entered the front door and headed towards my locker.

Mr. Stratford's POV:

I had left only a minute after Honey had and ran through a strip of woods which I had found on a hunting run several weeks ago ,which I knew faced the front entrance of the school hoping I could spot or smell the scent my daughter had given me. As fortune would have it I was in my full wolf an able to hide better in the underbrush and trees without being seen readily.

I heard a running sound of a wolf so I used my accute hearing to determine the direction that it was coming from and then I saw a 50" solid white snow wolf bounding towards the edge of the woods . As he did so he transformed before me to a rather tall gangly kid about 18 yrs old . This was him the child

I marked 13 yrs ago was now a young man and a great white kingly wolf . My opinion at first was

this is not what I expected for he truly is a Alpha of the Alpha's a ruler over many lead Alpha's of any

wolf pack. At seeing him I let out a small gasp and prayed that he hadn't noticed. Fortunately for me he was in a hurry or just wasn't paying attention. I knew what I had to do, I had to get my daughter to get him to come to the house so I could talk to him alone. After making that decession I headed back to my home and to get ready for a pack council meeting that was to be held latter this morning.