Gary's POV:

"Thank God schools out for the day and i'm that much closer to getting what I want you know that Jacob." I said.

"Ya, a few minutes ago I got a text message from Ceasar he wants to meet us at the youth center at

4 pm did you get it as well?" Jacob ask.

"Hold on let me check ," I pilled out my cell and the battery was dead , "Damn I forgot to charge the damn thing." I cursed.

"It's just as well I got it so you know about it now." as he laughed ,his laughter made me chuckle as it always did.

Jacob said , "Lets get out here and get something to drink at you place before your dad gets home."

"You know that sounds like a damn good idea ,lets go." I told him.

Sheps POV:

I was walking out the door of the school when I heard someone calling my name which is unusual because no one has ever before. I turned around an it was Honey.

"Are you going to be able to make it to the game tonight?" it seemed as though she ask that in a hopeful way.

I looked around to see if Gary or Jacob or any of their buddies were around before I answered her.

I laughed , " Well since you put it that way how can I refuse you."

"Are you headed home?" she ask.

"Yes, I have a ton of homework to do and if you want me at the game i'll have to do that first before anything."

"Hmm.. I can see at some future date your going to be going places big time in life." she tritly said in a humourous way.

I laughed , "That's the plan."

"I hope to see you latter then don't forget the game starts at 7:30 tonight."

Again I chuckled , "I won't forget."


Ceasar's POV:

"Its about time you got here."

"The text said 4 pm were here at 4 pm Ceasar." Jacob replied.

"Never mind , anyways are you and your boys ready to help us tonight?"

Both Jacob and Gary said "Yes" in unision.

"Good , well see you tonight then."

I watched as the Stupid dou left the youth center, when one of my leading pack members approached me.

"They going to go along with it Ceasar?"

"Ya , those stupid idiots are,after we get what we are after kill them and anyone else that gets in our way understood?"

" Yes Ceasar,I'll assign Jett and Flea to the matter and we'll do whatever it takes to take over here."

"Ya, sounds like good choices to handle those two , Grimmes."

Jacob and Gary's POV: (after leaving the youth center)

"We have some tough rivals tonight at the game , its always been a head to head game with them so we gonna kick ass tonight bro.?" Jacob ask Gary.

"It might not be as bad this year we've had a lot of new guys on the team thats in our pack so ¾ of the team are werewolves ." I laughed .

"Plus six of the 12 cheerleaders are in the pack as well."Jacob chimed in laughing.

"But the real fun starts after the game ." I laughed

"Do you think your dad's home yet Gary?" Jacob inquired.

"You kidding me , my old man doesn't come home ,he'll just go straight to the game from work."

"What about some brewskies then before the game then Bro." Jacob ask glibbly.

"Sure why not , it'll only be another one on those we drank earlier right." Gary laughing replied.

Shep's POV:

After leaving the school and my brief talk with Honey , I head for the strip of woods leading to my house in which I transformed as I ran and was in the woods. A few minutes latter I arrived at the edge of the woods near my house and transformed to my human form again. One minute latter I walked into my house , went to the kitchen table and started doing my homework assignments. It was 3:30 pm when I got home and 2 hours latter I was done.

"Hmm.. I guess I should take a shower at least before going to the game ." I thought to myself.

Headed to my bedroom , took off my clothes grabbed a towel and padded to the shower bath. Twenty minutes latter I exited the shower ,back to my room put on some clean clothes ,combed my albino white hair while looking in the mirrror when what Mr. Stratford said to me came to me. Like I had told him I had never done it before so I tranformed . What I saw in the mirror litterally shocked me.

I was snow white I knew but at present my coat was glowing as well . On top of my head was what appeared top be a crown of my coat but silver and gold in color like a kings crown. So this is what Mr. Stratford meant by looking regal in appearance. I stood there gazing at myself for I don't know how long when I suddenly realized that time had past by . Looking at my alarm clock it said 7 pm leaving ½

an hour before the game. I decided to just walk to the schools football field and would be there before the game started. I lefy the house at 7:05 pm.

Honey's POV:

After I left Shep at the school I started walking towards my house when I ran into Judy Jacobs and

Courtney both being werewolves themselves .

Judy: " I've heard that Gary was trying to put the moves on you is that true?"

Me: "Yes , but you can keep him for I sure don't want him."

Judy: "Just as I fiqured , i've been expecting something like that from him anyways. I've also heard you've been talking to tha loser weirdo Shep."

Me: "What if I have what's it to you , he's a very nice guy under all the bad looks and he's my friend. Besides it wouldn't surprise me that by the time your 26 or older you'll be wanting to settle down with someone like him."

Judy and Courtney both said in unison , "Like IF that will ever happen."

Me: "Your saying that now but time will tell." I laughingly said.

Courney and Judy looked at each other and shook their heads in a negative manner and said ,"No way!"

Me: "I'll see you girls at the game , ok."

Courtney and judy again in unison , "Ya ,ya." as they headed towards their respective homes as well.

I did notice that neither Courtney nor Judy actually denied what I said fully but deep down they know i'm right. They just wanted to have fun and have it with all the jocks and players before they did , Even with the so called objections they knew.

I continued on home and entered my dads spaces house turned on the 60 inch plasma large screen tv to watch my favorites on tv before I had to get ready for the game latter.

Jacob's POV:


Jacob's cell phone rang a popular ring tone of a group he liked, He pulled it out and looked at the text message to him and Gary from Ceasar.

Message: " After the game make sure all those that are in the pack are seggregated in a place were we can do what we came to do, is that clear!"

Jacob txt back , "Ok".

By this time Gary and Jacob were somewhat drunk , they knew better but didn't at the time care. Ceasar had told them that all they wanted to do is shake the leaders of their pack up and conform to what they wanted . That being in control of the pack. However they were getting tired of Ceasar's atitude about things.

Gary: " I guess we should start getting ready for the game now anyways . I'll take my shower first .Also did you bring your game clothes?"

Jacob: He pointed to his duffel bag and nodded yes.

Gary headed for the shower as Jacob sat back and watched a tv program that Gary didn't particularly care for .

Shep's POV:

As Shep approach the football field he could hear the shcools band tuning up and the general noise of

the schools students parents and friends entering into the field to find good seats if possible. Being the Shep had never been to a game before wasn't sure were he should be until he saw the cheerleaders come out to get the crowd all hyped up before the game started. So Shep headed to that side of the field. As he got closer he saw Honey in her cheer outfit and waved . She waved back but not before several of the squad looked funnily at her. She only smiled back at them in return.

Eventually the game started and the home team wasn't doing so good but was maintianing an even balance but with difficulties. Mostly because Gary and Jacob's slight problem of being drunk before the game. However by half time the beers that they had drunk was starting to wear off because they had sweated most of it out.

It was at half time that mr. Stratford saw Shep and pulled him aside. Shep thought he heard someone call his name over all the noise of the game at half time started looking around when he spotted mr Stratford coming towwards . Stratford motioned for Shep to follow him . He lead him behind the bleachers which muffled much of the noise so they didn't have to shout at each other to be heard.

Mr.S.: "Shep , you remember when I ask you to look out after my daughter if you could , well there was a reason for that. The pack has heard about a rougue wolf pack in the area killing much of the pack and taking over what was left if any . So the pack is on high alert. We haven't told the younger ones such as yourself because we didn't want you worrying about it. I've decided to tell you because I think you can handle it."

Shep: "do you think that they'd strike at something like this were there would be a large number of the

pack present?"

: "That seems to be their mode of opereration form what we've heard . Get the pack in a place thats easily control . I may be wrong and I hope that I am but tonights game is a good place to do such a thing , because all the pack is here . Sons , and dads such as me and my daughter .

Shep: "I'll do what I can but i'm not sure what good i'll be at it."

: "Shep you do not know how powerful you are just be ready if anything happens ok."

Shep : "I'll really try Mr. Stratford ."

: "Thats all I'm asking son do your best So what do you say ,lets get back out there and root for the home team."

Shep : "Sure thing Sir."

They both went back around the bleachers to join in on the rest of the half time Second half of the game started going much better the beers had worn off quite a bit and the scorching talk by the coach was enough to scare the boys into being sober. The game ended with the home team winning by 20 points over their biggest rivals for a long time.

Jacob's dad stopped all the pack memebers said were having an after game party for the pack memebers

in the football fields clubhouse to celebrate the win over their arch rivals . Everyone that was a pack member started heading to the club house. As everyone entered the club house Mr. Stratford pulled Shep by his side .

"Stay by me Shep because your going to be one of the pack soon I hope."

Mr. Stratford and Shep were the last 2 to enter the club house when all eyes turn towards them and mostly at Shep.

What's the meaning of this Mr. Stratford you know this is a private party for selected memebers only ."

Mr. Moore Exclaimed.

"Yes I know Mr. Moore but he is one of us I know for sure." Mr. Stratford replied calmly'

"How do you know this Stratford?" several of the other leaders in the pack called out.

"Let's just say I saw him transform into an amazing wolf one that you'll have to see to believe." Mr. Stratford again calmly replied to all in the club house.

Shep's eyes were roaming around the room and catch Honey's eyes on him with a shocked expression.

Maybe she's fiqured out some things about him already by what her dad just admitted to.

Mr. Moore , said I think all of us would have to see the evidence of this claim mr. Stratford if you don't mind.

At that moment though the club house dors busted open and in walked Ceasar and his rogue pack.

He pointed to everyone in the room and said, "Kill them all." he flatly stated. The rogue pack transformd some half way and some full and started attacking those within the clubhouse. The Pack also in turn transformed as well to protect themselves from the invading rogue pack.

Shep for several seconds stood there in shock and scared until he saw one of the rogue members approaching Huney from a blind side (he was only half transformed and held a knife for a death strike.

Suddenly Shep transformed as he headed towards the attacker of Honey . He grabbed the attacker by his upper calves and bit down hard causing a loud scream to be heard from Honeys attacker . Honey looked at Shep's transformed wolf self and shouted above the den ,

"How did I know it was you !" she exclaimed while fending off another attacker. Some how Shep felt that Honey could hold her own with this attacker because of her cheerleading abilities she was using to her advantage against her foe at present time. Shep then notice that Courtney had been overpowered by

one of the rogue group and was trying to rape her before he would try to kill her Shep surmised. Shep thought she's a bit a a bitch but she doesn't deserve this so he attacked Courtneys assailant. Again he grabed her assalant by the uper calf also an bit down hard but added a little shaking as well . Which her assalant screamed as well in pain. Courtney looked at Shep wondering who her rescuer was not realizing it was the new wolf tha Mr. Stratford had been talking about before the ruckus began with the

rogue pack. She momentarily stood in shock and awe of what she was seeing before her.

Ceasar and to of his captains had exited the clubhouse not wanting to get involved in the struggle inside

believing they could walk back in without having to dirty their paws with anything leaving all the dirty work to the grunts of his followers in the pack.

Back inside the home team pack was just starting to clean up when in walked Ceasar with his two captains. His face was one of shock especially when he saw Shep. Ceasar had not yet transformed to his wolf yet but was still in human form. He transformed so did his 2 captains all three of them were as large as Shep at present. Shep was in the center of the club house and Ceasar and his two captains surrounded him . Shep was wondering how he was going t oget out of this one.

Shep stood there knowing the others were standing watching to see what would happen when confronted with an foe that was bigger they they. Shep let out a low growl he was getting angry

the angrier he got the more his coat began to glow then he started growing . In his normal state Shep was 4'2" high and 6' long not including the tail . By the time he stopped within 2 seconds time he was over 8' and over 12' in length the light surrounding Shep never left. Upon seeing their oppent(Shep ) in his present state fled in fear leaving those that were injured in the attack.

When Shep saw them flee the clubhouse in fear he slowly shrank to normal size . As he shrank the glow about him demenished as well. Due to everything that had happened Shep transformed into his

human form but not before it appeared as though he was weakened for a breif few seconds afterwards.

He calapsed to the floor in the center of the clubhouse when he did . All Eyes of the pack were on


Mr. Stradford spoke ,"I told you he was one of us and amazing also."

Everyone in the pack were stunned but after a few seconds rushed in to help Shep up and welcome him into the pack. Among them were two sheepish looking young men namely Jacob and Gary .

"Shep we , I mean me and Jacob want to appologize for how we been treating you during the attack you protected us by defeating two of the rogue group who very well could have killed us if they wished.. Could you ever forgive us for our actions.

"Shep looked around the assembled pack and said , " Nothing but what one family member wouldn't do for another I suppose so yes I can forgive you ," laughing as he said it , " I suppose that's why i'm such a nice guy and all huh?" again I laughed .

They both looked at me an started laughing with me as well then the whole pak joined in.

About 20 minutes latter Honey lead Courtney and Judy towards me while both were red faced as well .

Honey said , "I think these two have something to say as well."

Judy began bawling while Courtney was trying not to but she at the moment was the only one of the two who ws able to speak at the time with some difficulty doing that while sniffling the entire time.

Shep (snifle snifle) , both of us want (snifl ) to (snifle) appoligize as well (snifle) we wouldn't (snifle) have blamed (snifle) at all if (snifle snifle) if you hadn't have saved us (snifle ) at all.

At which point I suddenly pulled both girls in for a loving shaking bear hug , while laughing and saying, " Of course i'll forgive you , as I said before nothing that one family member wouldn't do for another . However you got to promise me to lighten up some on me ok i'm some what delicate ya know."

My sense of humour paid off I was able to make two girls that were bawling and turned them into uncontrolable fit of laughter as they hugged me holding on for dear life it seemed.

Judy turned to Honey and said , "You better hold on to him because eif you ever let him go he's up for grabs .

Honey just smiled and replied "Just remember what I said about that nice sweet guy and the players and all huh." at which they all burst out laughing again.

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