A little girl pushed her way through the masses of people, which were standing in front of her parents' house. She slipped through legs and crawled under bags to get to the man who was impatiently waiting right in front of the door.
His brown hair was long and pulled back to a low ponytail and his greenish eyes gleamed in happiness, when he saw a mob of golden locks pushing its way through to him.

"Aiko, my little poppet!" He swung her up into his arms and grinned at her. "Are you looking forward to your brother or sister?"
"Jaaaa!" She called out happily and waggled her little legs back and forth. "I want a little sister! I want a baby sister!"
"Is that so?"
"Yes! I want a sister and she should be named Youko! Child of the sun, because she was born on the day of the sun!"
Her father laughed. "You're such a clever little girl! I'll tell you what: When it's a little girl, she shall be named Youko!"

Aiko screamed in excitement but stilled, when they heard the crying of a baby.
Nervous and excited at the same time, the father set his daughter down to the ground and watched the door intensely.
He didn't have to wait long, until an elf stepped out of the door. She a few strands of hair had loosened out of her bun, but she smiled softly, when she laid the crying white bundle in her arms carefully in its father's arms.

"It's a healthy girl."

The people in front of the house began to cheer.
That's what they've been waiting for!
It was the day of the summer festival and it had brought out a healthy little girl with golden fluff on her little head.
Just another reason to celebrate!

The father watched his new daughter with loving eyes, before he kneeled down to his first born child. He pulled the cloth back a little, to show the newborn to the little girl.
"Look, Youko. That's your big sister Aiko. Look at how happy she is to see you, my little sunshine!" He told the newborn.
The girl beamed down at her baby sister and took her tiny hand into her own. The crying ceased immediately and Aiko felt like she had grown to be a big girl all of the sudden. Youko grabbed one of Aiko's fingers and stuffed it into her mouth to drool all over it with her toothless mouth.
The girl giggled.
"Welcome home, Youko!"

The happy father went inside the house with both of his daughters and laid his newborn daughter into the arms of his tired wife. Her blond locks were wet and brushed out of her face, but you could still see were their first daughter had her beautiful blue eyes and golden locks from.
The woman smiled down lovingly at her daughter before she grinned up at her husband.
"Now go already. I know you want to celebrate the birth of your second child."
He smiled sweetly at her.
"I'm staying here with you. Who else should take care of you?"
She only laughed and waved him off.
"Stop talking nonsense! This is not my first child and Aiko is fully capable of watching her mother. Aren't you, little poppet?"
"Yap! I'll watch over mummy until you come home!"
"See? Now go! Just remember with whom you're sharing your bed!"
"How could I forget such a wonderful wife?!" He laughed at her pleasantry and hugged her tightly, before running off. "I won't be away for long! Watch your mother and sister for me, Aiko!"
The last they heard of him was the happy shout of the names from his daughters.

The elf laughed lightly and stepped up to Aiko's Mother.
"I have to leave you too. There is another child that want's to discover the light of our world today."
The mother smiled.
"It's all right. Aiko will be here for me. And Yanega? Please try to make another family happy."
The elf smiled and nodded, then left.

She withheld how bad things seemed to be with this mother.
She was too young, too fragile to give live to a child…
But out of love for her husband, she had against everyone's doubts decided to raise a child – even her husband had asked her to wait, but she reassured him and told him that she had set her mind.
Now she was lying in bed with fever and the child was coming a whole month to early.
Yanega sighed heavily.
She really hoped that she was able to save both; child and mother…

It was late at night, when the child was finally born.
It was a girl and the fluff on top of her head was just as black as her mother's hair. It wasn't screaming, but it lived. Her mother's life on the other side would soon end.
She weakly reached for her daughter and caressed lovingly the cheek of her child.
"She's so beautiful…" She was just barely whispering. "She shall live on for me; live both our life's. Please… tell him how much I love him, my beautiful angel. I love him and I will forever wait for him."
The elf nodded sadly, tears gathering in her eyes when the pale hand left the child and fell down limply.
The midwife pressed the child tightly to her chest. The child, whose mother she couldn't safe…
She let out a wavering sight to regain her composure.
She closed the eyes of the young woman and covered her with a white towel, before she turned to inform the father.

He was waiting downstairs. The husband of the deceased one…
The angel.
The love to his wife had given him wings. And her love had given him a child, even though she had to give her life for the new one.

The angel looked up hopefully when she stepped in, but his face soon turned into a mask of concern.
"She gave you a healthy little girl."
His face lit up and he stood to look at the child, before the realization hit him like a slap.
"My wife…"
He desperate he looked at her… his voice broke at the last word, but the elf could only shake her head.
"She gave her life for this new one… She wants you to know that she loved you and that she will always wait for you. Your daughter will live forth for her and she will always live inside her."
Her words couldn't sooth the pain, not even a single bit. She saw it in his eyes.
He broke down to his knees and heavy sobs began to rock his body. The cries of her father seemed to affect the child. His sorrow reached her heart and she finally began to cry.
The sobs stopped immediately and the angel looked up at her with dead eyes.
He slowly reached for Yanega; for the child.
"Please… give me the child."
Yanega hesitated at his lifeless eyes and he screamed at her.


The elf stepped back in shock. This man had never been one to raise his voice! Even in rage, he would only lower his voice, never raise it!
Then she saw it: red. His brown feathered wings began change their color. The feather turned red, as if the was paint running down his beautiful wings – or blood.
Yanega had only heard legends about this change, but none of it was good.
So she did the only thing that would save hers and the newborns life – She ran.

She turned and ran back up the stairs – the only open way.
The only way out would be the window, so she had to jump and hope that her elven-feet would overcome the fall. While running, she pulled the Towel tighter around the child and hugged it tightly to her chest.
The last thing she heard, before the glass busted around her was the raging angel downstairs.
A human wouldn't try such a thing. Their weaker bones wouldn't take such a fall all too good. Luckily, her elven-feet carried her further; even though they were hurting.

She couldn't have known that the death of his wife would turn him into a bloody angel!
She ran as fast as she could, but she soon heard wood burst and the flapping of wings – too loud and too powerful to belong to something other than a dragon-baby or angel. What would she have given to turn and see a dragon? But instead, she saw this child's father, already too close to her. He gained height, only to rush down to them.
Yanega was able to avoid him, by taking a sharp turn, but she heard the loud crash and the angels shout:
She knew enough about bloody angels, to know that she wouldn't have lived over this hit, if he'd be able to get her. Hate and sorrow were giving these creatures abnormal strength only really strong angels could compare.

She ran in the direction of the celebrating masses and began to call out for them, as soon as she saw them.

It took 3 angels to hold the one blinded by hate down and they were forced to kill their former friend, because no one knew how to calm a raging angel.
There was no cure for something like that…

Yanega stood there and looked down at the crying bundle in her arms.
Poor child… It deserved love, a future, a family… she would have to find a family for this little child…

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