Chapter VII: Cooking Class and Rosa's Worst Fear

Rosa's Point of View

My mother came home earlier than usual, after Lidia left the house. She didn't say much but made us dinner and said that she'd have to go away for a week or two.

I pried until she yelled at me but she still wouldn't tell me why she was leaving or where she was going. In the end, I retreated to my room annoyed at how stubborn my mother could be sometimes. Although I think she was sad about how upset I was getting and she must have some good reason to just leave without rhyme or reason.

I woke up on time for once and ate my breakfast in peace because my mother was still asleep and things got a little too heated between us last night. I'd hate for her to leave on a bad note so I'll let her sleep and see if I can somehow make it up to her.

I was just in time for school to see Lidia stumble off to her first class, I almost laughed. She was so clumsy, I'm amazed she hasn't broken some severe bone or something. Then again maybe she has.

Feeling annoyed with how friendly I seem to be acting around Lidia, I successfully ignored her until the first bell rang. I didn't even have to try!

...That's a complete lie, I hid under the stairs off to the side of the school, where I could see her limp around like an idiot. On the brightside I got my homework finished before it was due.

I didn't have any classes with Lidia except Home Ecc so I was safe for most of the day.

When it was time for my class period of Home Ecc. I was in a serious argument with myself on whether or not I should skip. Yeah, I know skippings a horrible thing to do, you'll never know what you're doing blah, blah all that jazz and when it comes to Home Ecc. I don't care, most of the stuff I already know and it's not like we have tests or anything to study for.

In reality there should have been nothing stopping me from skipping except that wasn't the case because Lidia's words kept ringing in my head and they did whenever I thought about skipping just her italian accented voice saying "You shouldn't skip classes..."

Eventually my decision was made for me, when I was lost in thought and didn't hear Lidia limping over to where I was debating in the hallway. She swung her arm around my shoulders, making me jump and almost scream with surprise.

"Hey there," She said as if we were the best of friends "I'm making you take me to class. I won't take no for an answer and you better not be thinking about skipping."

I glared up at her, just to see her grinning at me like a freaky Cheshire cat.

"You do know how easy it is from me to hurt you right now, don't you?" I made a move as if knocking her down but stopped mid-violence and put my arm around her waist to drag her down to the Home Ecc room which was quite eerily in the basement.

As soon as we got into class, I almost smiled. I was almost glad Lidia made me come to class. We were going to be cooking today and I really like cooking it was something interesting to do although we would have to be working with sharp knives, a detail I was not thrilled about.

We would have to make a cake with a partner and obviously Lidia was mine because I've only gone to this class all of three or four times in the year so far, although we aren't very far into it that didn't change the fact that I didn't know any of these teenagers. I was okay with Lidia for the most part because I thought back to my adventures at Lidia's house and remember she actually was a good cook.

We put up our hair simultaneously, mine much longer than Lidia's shoulder length brown hair and she started talking to me.

"Well, this'll be fun don't you think?" Lidia said in an even voice and her unexplainable always there smile, although this one seemed much more cautious than usual.

I paused before answering truthfully. Might as well scare her with honesty. "Actually, yes."

She looked straight at me, with a look of unadulterated surprise "Really?"

"Yeah, bakings fun." I turned away from her face while I answered but I could imagine the grin undoubtedly spreading on her features.

"Great, so what kind of cake do you like or want to make?"

. We looked at the cook books and Lidia pointed to a funny looking chocolate one. "Why don't we make that?"

I ignored the picture and looked at the recipe, it was fairly simply but it required shaving chocolate, into pieces.

"No." I said.

"You don't like chocolate?" She asked and I have no idea how she came to that conclusion.

"No, it's just..." I trailed off because there's no way I'm telling why I don't want to make this particular cake.

"Then why not?" She asked "It's a pretty simple recipe."

I glared down at the recipe sensing that I've already been defeated and I let out a breath I hope she doesn't hear. "Fine."

She grins at me. "Great! I'll go get the rest of the stuff, you get to work on the chocolate shaving."

I was just about to force her into switching our roles but before I could she hands me a large and very sharp knife and then she ran off to get the rest of the ingredients.

I wanted to run after her and all out beg her to never give me a knife and force me to use it, I wanted plead with her to let me do anything but cut any of the food or anything else. However I did none of that because for one, I have way too much pride for that, two I would never do that and three I think she's sadistic so that might not work.

I bit my lip (a bad habit that surfaces when I'm uncomfortable) and look down at the huge knife in my hand. I hid my deep breathe as best I could and slide the knife down to cut the stupid chocolate.

Lidia continued to do what she was doing for an amount of time that I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to. When she was done she came up behind me and leaned over my shoulder to see the damn chocolate, I'm trying to cut.

"You're kind of slow, Rosa." She observed aloud and I could hear the hidden amusement in her voice.

"S-shut up." My stupid voice stuttered and she of course had to notice that.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "You're trembling."

I was trying to be careful of the knife because I know all too well how dangerous they are but I was trembling and I could not stop even though I knew that was definitely going to make accidently cutting myself way more likely. I find myself blaming anything I can think of for this situation even though I know that will never help.

Lidia wrapped her arms around mine mimicking mine and getting a much more stable grip on the stupid, dangerous knife. She cut it precisely without missing a beat and I could feel myself calming down. I thanked her in my head but didn't say a word of gratitude aloud to her.

"You're like a boy." I told her instead.

"Am I making you uncomfortable? Sorry you can do it yourself." She made a move to let go of me.

"No." I said too fast and I didn't have to see her face to know she was smiling in amusement at my reaction.

We stayed in that position for a short while and if I were to be honest which I seemed to be doing a lot around her, we really didn't need to. She was technically cutting the chocolate. I was just standing there calming down and occasionally taking in her weird scent. Not purposely of course, I just have a sense of smell.

Not to sound like an idiot or love-sick or anything because I'm certainly not but her smell was almost nice. She smelled like the ocean and how I would think the smell of Italy would be.

"You two are so cute!" I heard girl's voice say and looked up from where Lidia's hand was cutting chocolate (my hand still resting under her's).

"Are you two dating?" The girl with short, tied back dyed black hair asked us. Her eyes were blue with unconcealed excitement.

"Uhh.." Lidia stopped and I looked up to see her turning bright red. I had never seen her like this before, this had the potential to be very fun.

"Yes," I answered quickly offering a fake smile. The girl squealed, what a fangirl.

"Lidia!" She scolded "Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?" So Lidia knew her then "You're so pretty but I don't think I've seen you here before, are you a new student?"

"No, I usually don't go to this class but Lidia convinced me to."

She smiled and stretched a hand out from me to shake. "I'm May, it's nice to met you. What's your name?"

I shook her hand ignoring the apparently shell-shocked Lidia you was now apparently incapable of moving. "I'm Rosa, nice to meet you too."

She was called over to another boy who looked curiously at me and Lidia. As soon as May left Lidia let go of me.

"Y'know what, go put the chocolate in the batter and mix them together. You don't need help doing that, do you?" She spoke harshly.

I laughed at her very clear angry, hiding how much that last sentence had actually affected me. Yes, I couldn't deal with knives, that was something I accepted and didn't try to fix. This was the problem with getting close to people, once you do they want you to act the way they want and if you don't they'll hurt you until you do.

A bit like fire actually if you get too close, you're bound to get burned. I was getting too close to Lidia and that was what she wanted, but in the end I'll be the one with scars from a "friendship" that shouldn't exist.

I didn't say a word to her but quickly did as I was told. I'd be nice for now but I was back to my old self again. It seemed like the only person I would let in (and only just barely) was Anna Claire.

Lidia kept quiet and continued to brood but helped me finish our cake and tried to give me large smiles to I assumed, apologize for getting mad at me. I ignored her easily as I had done for years and didn't give her any sort of indication that I acknowledged or accepted her pathetic apology.

Honestly I felt like a kicked puppy. I had been so stupid, thinking that maybe I could let Lidia into my life and as cliche as it might sound I thought that maybe she had a place in my heart. A heart that was cold and probably long dead by now. Why I had thought she was different from others, I didn't understand. Although I knew it was a silly thing to get so worked up about, anyone would be upset if someone lied about who they were dating and even about their sexuality but from some reason that I could not fathom if I tried, Lidia's anger made me want to crawl in a hole and cry and I hadn't come anywhere close to crying for years on end.

Putting my depressing thoughts aside, I focused on the task at hand. While our cakes were baking we had to clean up the room and I had got landed with the job of washing dishes which was okay, annoying though.

While I was washing lots of bowls and cutting boards, Lidia who had been elected to sweep the floor, started sweeping up my feet. Although I was determined not to, I let out a laugh because the brushes tickled where I could feel them against the skin on my ankles. She smiled and I looked at her.

"Why did you lie?" She asked me sweeping around my feet this time.

"For revenge," I had stopped washing and was looking straight at her now. I realized how true that was after I had actually said it.

She gave me a look of confusion converting all her attention to me.

"Knives make me uncomfortable. I wanted you to feel uncomfortable too."

She smiled at me "I'm sorry, next time tell me you're uncomfortable. And dating you would be fun."

"I'm sorry for lying." I didn't respond to what she said but turned back to the dishes to hide the sudden heat on my cheeks.

She laughed and continued to sweep but stayed closed to me. I was suddenly distracted and not realizing what I was washing and felt a sharp pain on my palm.

I looked down and dropped the knife that had been in my hands, it was the same one me and Lidia had been using to shave chocolate, how ironic was that? I looked to my palm to see a trail of red running down from the cut in my palm to my fingers and the side of my hand.

I was suddenly frozen as I watched the red stain my skin and a little bit of the water in the sink.

I heard someone calling my name, but I didn't comprehend the voice. It could have been anybody, Lidia, May, Anna Claire, the teacher, anyone at school but somehow I doubted anyone would care about me here as much as Anna Claire and now apparently Lidia do.

The voice held concern and asked me what's wrong but I couldn't answer it. All I could do was stand there watching the flow of crimson liquid but suddenly my vision was painted red, everywhere I saw and I might've screamed but I could no longer hear, move or see.

As soon as the red came, it disappeared replaced with the vivid face of a man I recognize yet don't know because I see him every time I pass a dark house and hear a scream. I see him every single night in the blood curdling dreams I have ever since that horrible night when he destroyed my childhood.

And then he's gone, and all I see is that house that used to have been my safe haven but was now stained with blood and the hunger of a demon, that night when it all ended and now I'm still there screaming and writhing but no one's there to help me anymore because the only person who ever could is gone forever now.

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