Chapter VIII: Meeting Anna Claire and Giving Up

Lidia's Point Of View

As soon as I saw Rosa falling I jumped in and tried to catch her. Which technically worked, but because I'm clumsy as heck, I fell down too. Making sure she was okay and irritating myself for being stupid enough to jump under her, I lifted her up slightly and immediately knew that something was wrong when I didn't hear her harshly snapping at me to let her go. I looked at her face jut to see her eyes were closed and her breathing was even. I almost thought she could have been asleep except it was Rosa. She was never that simple and she hadn't seemed tired at all she didn't even have bags under her eyes.

I called out to May and Mrs. Brittle who were making some sort of small talk while Rosa may possibly be dying. Well, guess we know who wins the teacher of the year award. I got both their attentions quickly and told them to get the nurse and as May ran out to the office, knelt next to Rosa and I.

"What on earth happened?" She asked me, reminding me that she is a mother and has been for about seven years now.

"I have no idea. She was washing the dishes while we were talking to each other. She got quiet for a while, wouldn't answer me and then she just fell. I think she fainted."

"Well of course she's fainted." She agrees with me and lifts up Rosa's right hand and we both see the line of dried blood on her hand.

"That doesn't look like enough blood loss for her to pass out." I mention although I think already knew that.

She looked up at me and nodded, "That's very true, maybe she's been sick?"

Almost inaudibly and very much to myself I whispered "Maybe..."

Just as I was about to say something that may have been helpful but would probably just be stupid, May ran back into the classroom with the nurse quickly following after her.

The nurse sort of pushed out of the way and I truly had to fight the urge to laugh at the pair of them.

"Do you know what happened?" The nurse, an older woman with tied up brown hair and a nice crinkly smile, asked me.

I told her the exact same thing I told . She nodded slowly and said something along the lines of we should bring her to the nurses office. She suggested that we get one of the boys in our class to carry her but, the rest of the class besides May, Rosa and I had scattered off to their next classes.

"I'll carry her." I offered. Rosa wasn't heavy, she was like 90 pounds, that might be unhealthy for her though.

May laughed at me and I looked at her curiously. "Lidia, you sprained your ankle, remember?"

I had forgotten about that. Damn, sprained ankles really suck.

"My next class will be coming in soon," told us "We'll have to leave her with May and *. Lidia go to your next class."

May situated Rosa on her back, grabbing both her hands to keep her off the ground and give her a piggyback ride to the nurse's office. They two of them left and I took Rosa's stuff and followed them. I caught up quickly and pushed Rosa back against May because she was falling off her back.

May must have noticed me because we turned and she caught my eye but didn't alert the nurse of my presence. When we got to the office, the nurse noticed me. "Didn't your teacher tell you to go to class?"

I ignored her and helped May get Rosa to stay on one of the nurse's bed's. When we accomplished that task, May left to go talk to the nurse and I stayed there to watch over Rosa and see if she would wake up anytime soon. As I sat watching her, I couldn't help but hear, May and the nurse's conversation, which wasn't exactly eavesdropping there was only a thin wall separating us.

" , I have to go to my next class but would it be alright if Lidia stayed here with Rosa?"

"Ms. May, haven't you read the sign?" She must have gestured to it or something because there was a pause in their conversation. There was a sign in the office saying that all escorts of people who were sick or hurt would be sent back to class.

"I know but I'm pretty sure Lidia and Rosa are really close and it would be awful to have to wake up alone with a stranger..."

I tuned out was she was saying after that, focusing on trying to figure out what made her collapse the way she did. I noticed her finger was still bleeding just a little bit so I washed it (which proved rather difficult and patched it up, mildly surprised she hadn't woken up while I was doing so.

May came out to see Rosa a while later. "The nurse said you can stay until she walks up.' she told me with a tone that rang out loud and clear you-owe-me-one but not in a nasty way at all. "Tell me when she wakes up okay?"

I nodded and she left to run off to her next class. The nurse came out and checked Rosa's pulse, again. "I need to go to the office to phone her emergency number, it might take awhile so you'll need to check her pulse every ten minutes, while I'm gone. Do you know how to do that?"

I nodded and after making absolutely sure I knew how to do that, she walked out of the room, telling me to get the woman in the room next door if any hurt kids show up.

And I sat there alone in the nurse's office, with a passed out Rosa. I still had no idea why she passed out but I decided that maybe I'd figure it out when she woke up.

Unfortunately sitting there without my snippy partner to give me something to do, my mind let itself wander and I thought back to what May and the nurse were talking about. May thought we were "close" but honestly I knew next to nothing about Rosa. I don't even know her last name. What am I doing here trying to be her friend? She's clearly annoyed by it and she's shown absolutely no indication that she wants a friend. Maybe I'm just wasting our time. I should stop, just give up. We can be partners for the reading assignment but that would be the extent of our relationship.

Even as I'm telling myself to do these things, just leave her be and go on with my life, there something tugging at my mind telling me not to, just to stay here because, who does she have to be with her as a friend?

Almost immediately after that thought slips out of my subconscious, the door slams open and a blonde girl who must be at least my age runs in the nurse's office and goes to where Rosa's unconscious form is lying.

She kneels next to her and calls loudly "Rosa! Wake up!"

She lifts her head to look right at me and says in a voice that I think I should probably be afraid of, "What happened?"

I'm a little surprised by her harsh tone and the gathering tears in her eyes. It's not like I did anything wrong but judging by her reaction, I'd guess they were related.

I tell her exactly what happened, how she cut her finger and then fainted for no known reason. When I was finished she pulled up a chair and sat at the opposite end of where I'm sitting next to Rosa's bedside.

She nodded and rubbed her eyes.

"Are you her sister?" I finally find the courage to voice what I've been wondering for the past five minutes. I remember her talking about a sister, when she dragged me over to her house.

"That's what I'd like to know." The voice of the nurse floats back to us from where she's sitting on the other side of the wall. The room is split up by a half a wall in the middle. The nurse can't see us and we can't see her but we can hear each other pretty well.

"Yes, I am." but she shakes her head at me and puts her hand on her mouth in a "sh" gesture. I nod even though I really just want her to tell me who she actually is.

The nurse comes into view and assesses us for a second. She sighs then says "Both of you stay here until she wakes up, when she does take her home. If any kids come in tell them I went to the office."

We both nod and she leaves.

"Who are you really?" I ask as soon as I'm sure she's gone. The girl leans over to check Rosa's pulse and smiles a bit at me.

"I'm Rosa's best friend. I guess she put my phone number on her emergency call because her mom works so much. She's so thoughtful of that, never wanting to inconvenience people."

I just stare because I was so sure that Rosa had no one to lean on but I guess that isn't really humanly possible. I had been so stupid, I was never thinking, of course she wasn't alone, She had this girl, her mother, and that sister that had made her smile without being there. She really didn't need me.

"Anna Claire" Both of us turn to Rosa as she sits up and rubs her eyes. "You're so loud."

'Anna Claire' (at least I'm assuming that's her name) starts laughing lightly "Good morning, Rosa."

She glares at her and then turns toward me "Lidia? What happened?" She looks around the room "Why are we in the nurse's office and what's she doing here?"

"Don't you remember?" I ask her.

She looks up at the ceiling closes her eyes and a few moments later flinches, opens her eyes and looks back at me "I remember fainting."

"Yeah, May and I brought you here after that and the school called... Anna Claire."

Said girl stood up and told Rosa "I'm going to tell the nurse you woke up and then we'll take you home."

She left Rosa and I in silence. After a minute I spoke up saying "Y'know I don't think its healthy for teenage girls to weigh 90 pounds, you might want to see a doctor about that."

She scoffed but I saw the ghost of a smile on her face which was exactly my intent "I'm 5"1'' Lidia. I think I'll be okay."

I laughed and she rolled her eyes at me.

"Anna Claire seems nice. Have you known each other long?" I asked just to make conversation.

"Yeah, we went to the same school up until 6th grade but she's home schooled now. She can be nice. sometimes."

"She said something about your mom. How she works a lot."


She sighs and we sit in silence for a few more minutes until I finally got the nerve to ask the question I'm almost positive she was dreading.

"Why did you faint?"

She tried to say something but I interrupted saying "You know why don't you?

She turned her head away from me and looked to the door where Anna Claire left in a hurry.

"Yes, I do."

"Will you tell me? Without lying, please? I might be able to help."

Maybe I'm asking for too much, maybe I'm just a lot more annoying then I thought I was or maybe she's just in a really bad mood but she turns to me and she says quite harshly "Why do you care? It has nothing to do with you Lidia. Just stay out of it."

Anna Claire walks into the room to say "are you ready to go?" just as Rosa's getting up off the strange bed in the nurses office.

She walks out of the room past Anna Claire. She looks at me and bites her lip. I hear her whisper to Rosa "What about her? Is she coming?"

She harshly says, "No. She has classes. Let's go."

I hear their footsteps walking down the hallway and I'm left just sitting there alone. I sigh and I'm thinking great, now she's mad at me.

I get up and walk down the hall and watch them leave, hoping she turns around in sees me but I know full well that she won't because everything she said was true and I'm left with a truth that feels like it's breaking into a million pieces and I can't for the life of me figure out why. One thing is devastatingly clear though, I'm not needed and I never was in Rosa's life so I guess I'll just give this up because I'm just wasting time now.

With that thought in mind, I walk to my class with a heavy heart and held back tears because I will not cry for someone like Rosa. It's not worth it and after all I'm giving up. I want to laugh at myself for being silly, I thought I could get Rosa to like me, I thought we could be friends, worst of all I thought I was doing well but of course I was wrong. There was no more reason to try now. Rosa had told me to stay out of it, maybe I'll listen to her for once.

*Ms. Denn is the nurse's name but most of the kids just call her "the nurse".

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