Is this is what we do now? Pretend that everything's okay? Maybe you are okay, I'm not sure if I am. You're sorry I cried? Baby the tears aren't over yet. I can't help but wonder, do you sense that I'm not okay? Behind all my words of reassurance, "Oh, I'm fine." That's what I always say; do you want to reach out to me? Comfort me, wouldn't you please? Tell me how much you want me again; but then, it was me who said just friends. Now you're moving on, just like I wanted. This wasn't how I was supposed to feel. I was supposed to be the strong one. I've always been a strong one, now I'm on my knees. My heart can't support all that I've held in. It's all caving in. I thought you'd be there for me; I could tell you anything, at least that's what you said. Not this though, we can't talk about this. It's already pushed us too far apart and, Darling, we were so close. Just friends is bullshit but that just can't change, at least for now. The years can't pass by fast enough, till maybe this shit can end. Nothing can comfort me now. Cause only time, Darling, only time can tell when maybe all of this will end.