Orange River Water

There was something going on beneath their feet of civilization. There was a dark chamber and some beings were sleeping. The ceiling began to crack and it broke open releasing dirty water soaking and waking one of the figures. He looked around.

"What just happened?" He thought as he looked. "What's going on?" Looking down he noticed the water was polluted. "Why is this water not safe to drink?" He stated waking up the others. Noticing a hole above him, he traveled up the hole. As he reached the top, his form became visible as a dark brown person with black hair and hazel eyes appeared. He had a head piece of buffalo skin and horns with a crown of bright feathers around it. He had face paint on. Two black stripes on his chin and two blue stripes on his cheeks.

He was shocked to see what he saw at the top when he left the hole. He saw a fracking plant at the top and saw the surrounding area in an unimaginable state in his mind. It was a polluted, uninhabitable wasteland. Furiously, He brought up the others; the sight angered and enraged them.

"My brothers," he stated. "Look what they have to our mother. They have raped her and are making her barren. We need to act; humanity must pay for their crimes. Now, let us go and teach them a lesson they shall never soon forget." The figures cheered and they worked together and destroyed the plant. They had enough of the destruction of nature and they are going to fight back.

"I do not know what those humans were thinking when they did what they done." He thought as his brothers wrecked the plant. "But I refuse to believe that they would do this for any good. Something must be done, so the rest of this planet won't suffer as this place did. For I and my adonudos, will do something about this before it is too late…"

It didn't take long for them to destroy the fracking plant. The disaster was on the front page of the newspaper the following day. But the ones responsible for it according to the paper are unknown.

Maria was busy all day, so Cheyenne and Hikari went to the park. It was a bright sunny day. The interior of the park had a river that ran through it from the nearby woods. A distance away from the river was the restrooms and a drinking fountain.

Cheyenne was on the ground looking up in the trees as Hikari climbed up one of them up to what appeared to be a stable branch.

"What are you doing?" She asked Hikari.

"I'm going up to practice my martial arts up here." Hikari answered.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" She asked

"I'm sure I can do this." Hikari replied.

"You could get hurt." She added.

"Just don't worry about it; I can handle it." Her friend added. She jumped onto the branch and then it broke from under her weight. She hit the ground hard and the branch was falling towards her; Cheyenne caught it.

"So much for doing it on a branch." Cheyenne said.

"Whatever." Hikari replied.

"Just why do you have to go up there in the first place."

"I have to outdo my older brother, Shingen."

"Your older brother, Shingen?" She asked.

"Yes, my older brother, Shingen!" Hikari stated smacking herself. "I just said that a little bit ago." She sighed from the situation.

"What do you have to outdo him in?" Cheyenne asked.

"My brother is a martial arts champion. I have to beat him in a match." Hikari added.

"But isn't martial arts training on unstable tree limbs going overboard?" She continued to question out of concern.

"You don't know how good my brother is at it." her friend replied. "He kicks my ass every time I spar him. But I will beat him one day." Hikari had the look of fiery passion in her eyes.

"Your foot's on fire." Cheyenne said. Hikari looked down and saw flames. She jumped around trying to put out the fire and she was able to do so. "Where exactly is he at right now?"

"I know exactly where he is." her friend answered. "He owns an 80s theme night club in the downtown area. He is the manager and the head bouncer. No drug dealer or gang member has messed with him without getting their butts kicked several times over." Maria looked away for a little bit.

"Wow." She said.

"I know." Hikari answered. "I am so determined into training."

"Don't you want something to drink?"

"I'm a little thristy." Hikari stated heading towards the drinking fountain. She took a sip from the fountain as she turned it on. She spat it out. "UGH! YUCK!"

"What is it?" Cheyenne asked.

"It's the fountain water. It tastes like crap." she said. Cheyenne walked over to it. And Hikari turned on the fountain and they saw that the water has turned orange. The jerked back.

"I don't wanna drink that." Cheyenne said.

"We should get to the bottom of this mess." Hikari said.

"We should." She said. "Look at the river." she pointed towards it. It started to have an orange hue to the water color. The two looked on and ran to the river.

"What's happening to the river?" Hikari asked. At that moment, John showed up in his beagle form running from behind them.

"What's going on?" He asked; then he looked at the river. The two girls looked back at him. "Uhh, nasty. It's looks like the sewer backed-up."

"We can tell John." Hikari said. "It tastes like crap."

"Hmm, let's have a look and see." he said as he picked up a stick. He went over into the river and dipped the stick in. Then as he pulled it out, he saw the portion he stuck in was gone. "Oh no, the water… it's turned into acid rock damage."

"Huh?" Cheyenne asked.

"What's that?" Hikari asked.

"It is usually referred to the outflow of acidic water from metal or coal mines." John explained. "But the water is exposed to rock containing an abundance of sulfide minerals causing the pH level to be as low as -3. And such sulfide minerals include…"

"Wait, hold up." Hikari asked. "Where did you learn this?"

"I take a look at magazines of various topics." He said. "As the group's advisor you don't expect me to just sit around and do absolutely nothing? It would get extremely boring."

"I know it would feel." Cheyenne said.

"The point is we have to stop this mess before it starts to contaminate the other water sources. Failure will result in the city having to rely on government supplied water." He said. "And that is a bad thing."

"No need to point out the obvious." Hikari responded.

"So, where do we start?" Cheyenne asked.

"Well, the good place to start would be the river." He stated. "Contamination heads downstream, so if we head upstream we would find the source. At least, that's what I think."

"Okay, then." Cheyenne said. "Let's get moving." She started to rush down a direction.

"HEY, CHEYENNE!" HIkari stated.

"WHAT IS IT!?" Cheyenne shouted.

"You're going the wrong way." Hikari said. "Upstream is that way." She pointed in the opposite direction. Cheyenne paused.

"Uhh…" she responded. "I knew that; I was testing you." She walked back to the two and the three headed upstream. As they continued up in that direction, they noticed the river becoming more opaque in appearance of the orange crud. The nearby trees were sick and dying from the contaminated water. At the end of the river was a lake and it was turned into an orange stinky pool of acid.

"I think we found the problem." Hikari said as she covered her nose. The others covered their noses as well.

"So, who do you think caused the problem?" Cheyenne asked. Then, they heard a roar.

"I think that is the answer." Hikari responded as she transformed. They saw a humanoid golem approaching them. Its torso and head made from black coal and its arms and legs made of rusted metal. A green flame glowed from the golem's eyes. "Don't mess with the water, bub."

"So, you are here to stop me?" it said.

"And who are you supposed to be?" Cheyenne said.

"I am Etchemin, the spirit of water." the golem answered to them.

"You don't look like a water spirit as all." Cheyenne said.

"And you're attacking your own source of power, you moron." Hikari said.

"Who are you calling A MORON!?" he said. He formed orange sludge in his hands.

"I don't think we can reason with him." Cheyenne said drawing her bow.

"Get out of the way." Hikari said as the slidge was thrown at they were able to get out of the way. It had eroded away the leaves behind them into nothing. Cheyenne stated to fire arrows at it; they hit but they didn't scratch the rock-hard shell. Hikari decided to try to cut the shell using her katana, Again, it hit be there was barely a scratch on it.

As they were fighting him, John sat down on the side of the lake trying to make sense about the whole meaning of what was just said. And after much contemplation and analysis; he had come up with the answer.

"Girls, weaken him and hold him down." He said. "Don't kill him."

"You want us to do… WHAT!?" Hikari asked.

"Hold him down." John repeated. "Trust me on this."

"Alright, if you say so." Cheyenne said.

"You better have a good reason for asking us to do this." Hikari stated dodging the golems punches. She blasted him with a stream of water knocking him back. Cheyenne fired a few arrows which entangled the golem in a net.

"I'll take it from here." John said as he rushed forward and leapt into the air. A glow of white energy surrounded his right paw. "RUQYA PUNCH!" He punched the golem right in the chest. The golem screeched loudly as it started to break apart into tiny pieces. And what took its place was a large bipedal frog laying on its back out cold. The girls just stood there shocked.

"What just happened?" Hikari asked. John got up from the unconscious frog and turned to the girls. He sat down.

"Let me explain." He said. "Remember when he said he was a water spirit? I did some thinking and I remember that nature spirits don't attack their own power source. He would not actively or willingly attack his own source of power."

"So, you're saying he was corrupted?" Cheyenne asked.

"That's exactly what I am saying." he replied. "Someone or something had corrupted the local water spirit and forced him to disrupt nature." They noticed the frog coming back awake; it looked our at the lake.

"AHH!" it shouted. "Pardon my French, but what the bloody hell has happened here. There is muck and acid from here to across the pond. Whoever did this is making me off on one."

"Are you sure he's from around here?" Cheyenne asked.

"I have serious work to do to fix. this. up." Etcheman stated. "This is banana skin, I tell you. BANANA SKIN!"

"I think we should go now." Hikari said.

"Yeah, we should." John said. And the nature spirit kept on yapping as he started working on cleaning up the lake.

The girls got back to the park and Hikari continued her training while John rested beside Cheyenne. She looked at him.

"John, where did you learn that technique?" she asked.

"The ruqya punch?" he said. "It was something I picked up. I'll teach it to Maria when the time is right. But until then, I have another important matter at hand."

"What would that be?" she asked.

"I picked up the scent of another girl with high manna." He said.

"Oh…" Cheyenne replied as she sat up facing him. "Do you know anything else?"

"I noted that the scent is extremely odd." He said. "So, I'll investigate this for a little longer before I can send someone out to ask them about joining up."

"Okay, so what do I do until then?" She asked.

"I'm not sure exactly what to do, Cheyenne." He said. "I'm going to make sure to add board games to the lair."

"New lair?" She asked. Since John was peaking her interest

"I'm setting it up in the Whispering Meadows." He said.

"Why there?" She asked rolling her eyes. "There are a lot more better places than that."

"There is no body living in that area." he said. "And it is the last place anyone is going to look for a superhero's hideout."

"I can see where that would…" Cheyenne replied and noticed Hikari was gone. "Hey, where'd Hikari go."

"She's over there." He pointed toward the hot dog stand.

"I would like to have two chili dogs with the works, please." Hikari asked the guy at the stand.

"Okay coming right up." the guy said.

"Training, one minute; and chowing down, the next." John commented. "That's Hikari for ya."