The Jaguar Strikes Back

Cheyenne Dakota was walking home, alone and upset. She was lost and didn't know what to do or anything. Not only was she venting sadness; she was also venting anger as she walked down the alleyways.

"How could she do this to me?" She stated. "Why didn't she tell me she was a superheroine? We could have so many fun adventures together." She kicked an aluminum can as she was walking. "It would be so cool to be a super heroine team except that she left me out." She kicked it a second time. "Pff, why am I joking? She has her new friends now. I'm nothing to her now. I want to show her I can be a super human too." She kicked an aluminum can a third time and it flew into the air; it was caught in mid-air by the covered hand of an unknown figure in front of her. He was wearing black gloves and blood red bracers.

"You do know that you are supposed to throw cans into the recycle bin, right?" he said as he threw the can over his shoulders without looking. It landed in the recycle bin.

"Just go away." She replied.

"Before I do, I want to know what is upsetting you." he answered. "I might have something that can help you, assuming I know what it is."

"Are you sure you are going to help me?" she asked.

"I will help you."

"Well, my friend didn't tell me that she had all this power." Cheyenne explained. "She kept it a secret."

"That is most hurtful." he replied.

"I know." She agreed.

"I don't know how to help you with the relationship, but I can give you these." He stated as he pulled out some googles. They had an olive green frame with circuitry in the frame. On top of the bridge was a big slender pack with electronics built into it.

"Uh?" she stated. "It's just googles."

"These aren't just ordinary googles."

"What are they?" She asked.

"These are AMAZO-SPECS." He responded. "They are goggles that grant the ability to alter reality."

"Pff, yeah right. It's impossible." She said.

"They really can do it." He persisted.

"Can you prove it?" Cheyenne asked.

"Yes, I'll put them on and show you." He explained as he put them on. "There are two flamingoes, one on each side of you."

"Yeah, like that's gonna…" She said. Then, she noticed the two flamingoes in confusion. "Wait, where did these come from?"

"This is the power of augmented reality." He stated taking the them off. "They have that power." He tossed them to her. "Go on, put them on and give them a shot." She put them on.

"There…" She stated and paused. "…will be flowers growing out of the trash cans." And from what she said, it was done. This completely surprised her.

"See, what did I tell you, they work." He stated. "I believe you are on par, or even greater than your one friend." She went to take them off. "You can keep the glasses you need them more than I do." She reached for her wallet.

"Well, thank you, stranger." She replied. "How much do I owe…" Then, she noticed he was apparently gone. "I can't wait to tell Maria about this." She walked off happily.

"No. Thank you." The figure said as she was out of sight. He gave a sinister chuckle before he disappeared.

The next day, Maria was upset at work about the situation that occurred. Then, Cheyenne appeared with the glasses in her pocket.

"Hello." Maria said to Cheyenne.

"Hey Maria." She stated. "I, recently, got a new set of goggles."

"Oh?" Maria wondered. "What are they? Are those the goggles that Agent Jupiter uses when fighting the space aliens from the Xth Dimension?"

"No." Cheyenne answered. "They are AMAZO-SPECS."

"Cool, what store did you get them at?" she asked.

"They were given to me."

"Okay." Maria stated. "So, what do they do?"

"I'll demonstrate what they can do." Cheyenne said as she pulled out the glasses and put them on. "I can fly." A pair of large butterfly wings appeared on her back, and she flapped them and began to fly. Maria was in awe.

"How is that possible?" She asked.

"The glasses can do it." Her friend stated as she landed and made the wings disappear.

"Can I give it a try?" Maria asked.

"No, you already have special abilities." Cheyenne replied. "This allows me to be your equal." Maria could not believe what she just heard.

"What?" she asked. "What are you talking about?"

"I know you have your super powers and your heroine friends but now I'm just as good as you are." She stated.

"Cheyenne, what has gotten into you?" She asked frustrated.

"You think that because you have magic, you are better than me." Her friend replied.

"I didn't even say that." She added. Jonathan appeared during the argument in his ghost form.

"Maria, we got something bad on our hands." he stated.

"Not right now." She stated to him.

"Oh, so you don't want to talk right now." Cheyenne said.

"No, no, no. You got it wrong. We can still talk." Maria replied. "I don't know why you've become…"

"This is important." He explained. Maria sighed as she headed to him.

"Fine," she stated. "This better be good." The two headed up to the break room.

"Oh, just running away." Cheyenne said. "Note that I won this argument Maria." Maria went up to the break room and sat down in one of the chairs.

"So what is it, John?" Maria asked. "This better be important."

"This." He turned on the TV. And it was showing college basketball. "Wrong channel." He flipped the channel and then found an advertisement. "There, that's better."

"John, that's a commericial." she said.

"I know that, but what are they advertising?"
"There showing the AMAZO-SPECS."

"Exactly." he said. "It is not the toy it claims to be."

"Why are you showing me this TV ad?" She asked.

"Did you ever wonder on why the number of people that have superpowers is so low?" He asked in reply.

"What does that have to do with this?" She answered.

"This is very important information." he said. "Please don't delay the conversation farther than necessary."

"What's the important information?" she asked him.

"Most people weren't meant to have power. When these people get that power, magical or not, they tend to be corrupted by it." He stated. "In addition, these glasses are giving people a power that no mortal should ever have. It will certainly corrupt them."

"Cheyenne has a pair of those." Maria explained to him; this had scared him greatly.

"We need to get rid of them before she gets the power stickers." He replied.

"Power stickers?" She asked.

"It's in the second half of the commercial." He stated as it came on. It explained about stickers that would be placed onto the goggles to boost the abilities. Maria looked at the main sticker needed for the others to work; it was the shape of a jaguar head. It was the one to connect the goggles to the internet. It would end up being on the forehead. He paused the TV. "Now, take a good look at it. Anyone, who has a pair, has seen this commercial." Maria looked at it. It looked like a big computer chip with the notches towards the brain.

"Oh no." She stated. She noticed at the center of the device was the imprint where the jaguar head sticker would go. "We got to stop Tezcatlipoca."

"Yes, first we need to save Cheyenne." He stated. "She will certainly fall into this trap."

"Humility, awaken." She stated and transformed into her maiden form. She hurried down stairs to find Cheyenne. "Where is she?"

"She might have already left." John said. "She might try to see whoever gave her the goggles." Maria rushed out the door hoping that she won't be too late to stop Cheyenne.

Cheyenne went to the alleyway to get the stickers as the shadowy figure appeared again to her. He was holding the pack of stickers in his hand.

"Ah. I'm glad you have arrived." he said. "I have what you seek in my hand." He held it up. "I'll give it to you for a price."

"Oh, really." Cheyenne asked. "What's the price?"

"Surrender your loyalty to the Techno Hivemind." He stated. She was shocked.

"No way am I going to do that." She answered.

"You don't have a choice." He explained. "You have the goggles."

"I'll make you disappear." She added as she pulled them out and put them on.

"Fool, do you think that they will work on me?" A blade came out from something being held in his hand and he tripped Cheyenne making her fall onto her back; she was stunned as she hit the ground. She struggled. "You don't stand a chance against me." He smiled an evil grin. "Now, give up, you cannot run away from your fate." As he got closer, she tried to get back up. She noticed he changed directions only to a leg with black pants and rust-colored shoes swinging towards her face.

Later, Maria was running around when she encountered the alleyway Cheyenne was in. She found her standing.

"Cheyenne, don't take the stickers. It's a trap." Maria stated but she didn't answer. "Cheyenne?"

"0, Maria. Why do you wish to fight it?" Cheyenne stated. She was puzzled for a moment as her friend walked out of the shadows. "1, Give in to the hivemind. Resistance is futile." The recharger was on her forehead and binary code was overtop the glazed lens of the glasses. Maria was completely shocked and felt guilty of this whole mess.

"What's wrong, Maria?" The man in the shadows said. "Why are you shocked? I did your friend a favor and freed her from the harsh reality." Maria got angry from this.

"10, you are correct." Cheyenne added.

"People will be free from the world of reality starting with this town." He added.

"What is with the damn goggles then?" She asked.

"It's simple. They are simply the thing to get the foothold in people's mind. And many people have the goggles and its sticker. They are under the hivemind's control through the internet. And more will join them." Maria pulled out her sword. "Not that I would care one way or another. I'm just playing along for thrills."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Maria stated. "I will take you down with Tezcatlipoca."

"Well, if it can't change you. Your friend will." The figure stated as he handed a set of goggles and a sticker to Cheyenne. "Get her and incorporate her."

"11, as you wish." Cheyenne ran to her creating a saber from computer coding. Maria blocked the strike. The shadowy figure fled. He forced the two to fight each other. Cheyenne kept attacking without end, while Maria kept defending. "100, what's wrong? Don't you want to be freed?"

"There is no freedom in a hivemind." She replied to her friend. "This isn't you, snap out of it." Maria wasn't willing to hurt her friend, but had to fight. Cheyenne threw the sticker at her at an open spot. She saw it and cut it in half. "Cheyenne, if you are still in there. I'm sorry for not letting you know about my situation." She held the sword with both hands as Cheyenne prepared to charge. "This might hurt, but I am going to set you free for the hivemind's evil influence." She dodged Cheyenne's swing and landed a clear hard blow onto the forehead, where the auto-recharger was. It cracked causing immense pain, then it and the glasses shattered. The digital saber disappeared and her friend fell to the ground unconscious. Maria went over and picked her up. Cheyenne opened her eyes shortly after being picked up.

"Maria?" She asked. "What happened?" Maria hugged her.

"I'm glad you're back." She stated as she teared up.

"I'm sorry for being such a jerk." Cheyenne added. "Can you forgive me?"

"Of course," Maria explained. "You're my friend." Jon as the tabby cat came in.

"I hate to ruin a tender moment." He said. "But aren't you forgetting about the hivemind." The two got the reminder.

"Oh, yeah. The hivemind." She remembered. "Cheyenne, do you remember anything?"

"I remember that the main control is at the main computer center." She explained. "That is where the signal is coming from.

"Then, we need to get there asap." Maria stated.

"Cheyenne?" Jon asked her. "Wanna help Maria kick the Techno hivemind's ass?"

"Okay." She replied. "But can I have something low tech?" Jon pulled out a bow and arrow.

"Jonathan." Maria stated. "Be serious. A bow isn't going to do…"

"No, it's fine." Cheyenne replied. "I always wanted to take up archery as a hobby."

"Good, now that everything is in order." he stated. "We need to get back with the other girls immediately. They need to be informed of this right away."

"But how are we going to do this?" Maria asked.

"You have a cell phone, Maria. Use it."

"Oh, yeah." she answered. Then, she called up the other two while John went away to fetch something that the girls will need for this battle.