Summoning The Endangered And… Space Aliens?

It was in the evening, Cheyenne got finished with work for the day. She had told Maria earlier that she was going to hang out with her boyfriend tonight. She got her cell phone out and dialed his number.

"Hello." the guy said.

"Hey, Mikey." Cheyenne stated.

"Oh hey, babe." He replied. "How are things going?"

"I'm good. I just got off from work." She flirted. "When would you like me to head over?" He ended up coughing.

"I wish we could meet up, but I ended up getting sick." He explained saddened.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine, but I could still spread it. I don't want you to get it." He replied.

"Aww, but I was so eager for tonight." She added as she sighed.

"Me too." He stated.

"I hear that the Medieval Fair is coming up. Would you like to meet up then?" Cheyenne asked.

"I should be fully recovered by then." Mikey replied. "We can hang out there."

"Great." She stated happily. "Can we go back to your place afterwards?"

"Sure." He replied.

"Okay, I'll talk to you later. Hope you feel better." She said.

"Thanks. See you later." He said.

"Bye." She stated. Then, she hung up her phone. At that point, she arrived at her house. She entered the gate to the fence surrounding the house, when she noticed an animal digging in the garbage. "Hey, get out of there." It went into the bin. She went out of it sticking her hand in there. "Gotcha." She grabbed its tail and pulled it out. "What the…"

The animal had the body of an opossum, the legs of a frog, and the head of a duck. It quacked as she noticed the collar around its neck.

"So, you're someone's pet?" She asked. It quacked in response. "If we find your owner, I have a lot of questions about you." She took it inside and put it on her kitchen table. "Now, what exactly do you eat?" It quacked. "I don't speak duck or whatever you are. I'll get you something." She turned to her refrigerator and opened it. The thing noticed some bananas on the counter. It lashed out it's tongue and ate the whole bunch of bananas. She looked back and saw that the fruits were gone. "Where did the…" The creature burped. "You little thief." She heard some racket outside. "Oh now, what?" She went outside and saw a man in animal garbs. "Who are you?"

"I see you are endangering or wiping out animals." He said.

"I don't do that." She replied.

"You hunt creatures down until they are extinct." He stated.

"I don't know who you are nor do I know what you are talking about." Cheyenne added.

"I am one of the twin kachinas of animals. You will pay for your crimes. I will send the species you have endangered or wiped out against you. They have been amplified with supernatural capabilities." He explained.

"You aren't going to release them are you?" She asked.

"Is that a challenge?" He asked. "Well, we will see who wins." He tossed a ring onto the ground. "Go, dodo." A dodo appeared where the ring landed. Cheyenne let her guard in confusion. It ran at high speed toward her and kicked her in the gut. It sent her flying back into the house through a window. Getting back up, she grabbed her bow and went outside again, serious this time.

The dodo ran up to her again; she lifted up her bow and whacked it on the head, stunning it and again in the stomach, and knocking it out and sent it flying back to him.

"You think you're special?" he stated returning the dodo. "How about this? Go, saber-tooth." A saber-tooth came out of the second ring thrown. The cat inhaled and then spewed out fire. She was able to dodge it.

"Hey, a cat shouldn't breathe fire." Cheyenne stated. "A dragon is supposed to do that."

"Oh really?" He asked. "I got to make a note on that" He pulled out a pad of paper and a pencil. "Dragons breathe fire. Not cats." He finished the note but when he looked up; he saw the cat was defeated. "Damn it." He returned the saber-tooth. He sent out a very large frog.

"A frog?" Cheyenne said. "Really?"

"This is a unique type of frog." he explained. "It went extinct in 1938."

"Okay," she asked. "What makes it so special?"

"After its eggs are fertilized," he answered. "The female places the eggs in her stomach. When the eggs hatch, she would barf up living offspring and she can survive it."

"That's just gross!" She explained.

"I had amplified the size of this frog hundredfold." He stated. "And…" A little dog was barking at the giant frog. It was a cute little chihuahua. The frog stuck its tongue out and ate the dog whole. Jonathan as a cat came in.

"Cheyenne." He said as he came up.

"Jon?" she replied. "What's going on?"

"Kachinas are attacking the town. Maria fought one earlier with Hikari?" He explained.

"Who's Hikari?" She asked.

"I'll explain later. The kachinas are…" He said, but he was interrupted by the frog's tongue. The frog ate him too.

"JONNY!" She shouted.

"It's not much of a big deal. I can't die twice. I'll have to get a new body though." His voice stated.

"Oh boy." She thought. The frog lashed out its tongue. She was able to dodge the attacks. The beast ate a lawn gnome, a couple of potted plants, all of the underwear hanging on a clothes line, two squirt guns, a full-grown moose, and a squirrel. "Damn, how much can this frog eat?" It jumped and landed on top of a car, crushing it.

"Hey!" a random guy in a robe said as he came up. "That's my 1995 Pontiac, you piece of lard!" It ate the guy's robe exposing his pink boxers. He ran back inside his house embarrassed. It lashed it's tongue out again at Cheyenne. She dodged and the tongue hit a telephone pole. It couldn't withdraw his tongue; it was stuck. She fired three arrows into the frog's mouth seeing the opportunity. It beat the frog.

"You really made me mad!" The kachina added returning the frog. "Now, prepare to face the final challenge. One you can't possibly beat." He sent the last creature out. It was a narwhal.

"A narwhal?" She asked.

"Yes, a narwhal." He explained. "It went extinct these past few decades. I gave it flying and magical abilities. It was an intelligent creature too. It is sad; man could have learned from it."

"Narwhal." It stated. "Nar. Nar. Narwhal."

"Don't go into that." Cheyenne commented.

"Alright," he stated. "Go, narwhal!" It levitated into the air. Magic began to generate around its horn. It began firing different colored beams out of it. Cheyenne kept dodging them.

Meanwhile at a random house, a little girl was being led outside of her house to see her surprise gift that she got for her birthday. She ended up extremely happy.

"Yay!" she said. "I got a pony!" She ran over to it, but a pink shot from the battle hit the pony. It turned pink and got a horn and wings. "Even better, a pink alicorn!" She hopped on and she and the pony flew away.

Cheyenne was in a battle stance after dodging the shots. It fired a red laser beam. She continued to dodge, firing arrows at it. It was not enough to penetrate very far. She hurried into her garage and reved her bike. "I know it costs around six dollars just to get a gallon of gas, but I got no choice." She thought as she charged toward the whale on her bike, bow drawn. She fired in combination of the bike's speed and the energy from the bow cause the arrow to pierce the whale in one way and out the other. It collapsed and the kachina returned it.

"I must tell Glooskap what happened." he stated. "This isn't over yet. I won't forget this." He ran off in the distance.

"Glooskap?" She thought. "Who's that?" She went back inside and cleaned herself up. Then, the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey, it is Cheyenne?" a voice stated.

"Oh, Deleiah." Cheyenne replied. "How are things going?"

"They're doing well." Deleiah replied. "Are you going to the Bareskin Club Meeting tomorrow? We can go to a club and hit on dudes afterwards."

"I'm sorry, Deleiah. I can't go tomorrow." She replied. "I got work."

"Oh, come on. It'll be fun." She stated. "We could go to the bath house down the street."

"Besides, I can't go hitting on dudes anyway." Cheyenne replied. "I have a boyfriend."

"Oh, there you go again, being little Miss Loyal again." Deleiah replied. "You need to learn when to have a break; I mean you're still a virgin. You can sleep with your boyfriend."

"You need to learn how to stop being a slut." Cheyenne replied.

"I'm not a slut." Deleiah said. "I only slept with thirty guys." Cheyenne was stunned.

"You actually kept count?" she asked.

"Yeah, I met up with a girl named Tia and I got something started up with her." she stated. "She actually has a twin sister named Lilith."

"Oh really…" Cheyenne replied in an annoyed manner.

"I can't wait to tell you the super sexy details of my adventures." Deleiah said. "You've missed a lot of it." She continued to babble about it.

"This is the reason I rarely hang out with you." Cheyenne thought to herself.

"Are you there, Cheyenne?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm here." Cheyenne replied. "I'll tell you what we can meet up this Saturday."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yeah." Cheyenne replied.

"Oh, thank you. Thank you, Cheyenne." she replied.

"You're welcome." Cheyenne added. "I better get going soon."

"Okay, bye-bye." She stated. Then, she hung up the phone.

After getting a bath, she got into her pajamas and entered her bed. Then, someone knocked on the door. "Oh, come on. Who can be up this late at night?" She went downstairs and opened the door. A man was there. "Hello?" she stated.

"Hello there." he stated. "I have a question. I'm looking for my lost pet. Have you seen him?"

"Well, what does he look like?" She asked.

"He looks like an odd creature." He stated.

"How odd?" She said in reply.

"Very odd to your world." Then, the creature she found earlier came out. "Oh, there he is. There's my little baby." It came to him and the man picked him up. "Did you take care of him?"

"Yeah." She answered.

"Thanks for taking care of him." He said.

"Uh, you're welcome." She answered.

"Now as for me, I shall return to my home planet." He said as he looked up. "Beam me up, Scotty."

"Home planet?" She thought. A silver beam of light came onto the person. He changed into a space alien. It was a blue, mostly erect creature with an exoskeleton, two arms and two legs. It had a blub on its head and had a tube-like mouth. It had chicken feet and hands with three webbed fingers. The thumb was separate. He and the pet went up the beam of light.

They entered a bright orange cigar-shaped UFO with flashing lights on the side. It turned away from the ground and left the Earth at supersonic speed. Cheyenne just stood there in awe and confusion trying to comprehend what she just saw.

"What the fudge!?" She stated out loud. "I must have ate some bad meat and I'm just seeing things that aren't there."