Samara's POV

Today is the day. Today is the day we take down Spectrum.

″Okay, here's the plan: when we get to Spectrum, Lupo, Theta and Anya will distract the Hunters guarding the front door so that Gemini, Raina, Eragon and I will be able to sneak in and blow up the lab.″ I said to everyone.

Now, you're probably wondering how we'll be able to blow up the lab. Well, while Lupo and Anya were looking for me and Gemini, Anya had turned invisible and snuck into a military base and stole a bomb. I'm not sure why, but Anya knows how to use a bomb perfectly.

We made our way to Spectrum and saw that Hunters were guarding the front door, and not the back door, just as I suspected.

Everyone with wings unfurled them. Anya handed Eragon the bomb, and a lighter, and Gemini, Raina, Eragon and I made our way towards the back door while the others fought the Hunters to distract them from the fact that we were sneaking in.

Third person POV

Lupo transformed into her wolf form and she lunged at a male Hunter with full-out fury and grabbed him by the neck and bit down, killing him instantly.

Anya turned invisible and poked a female Hunter in the shoulder. She turned around and Anya made herself visible and punched her in the nose, causing her to stagger back towards Theta, who kicked her in the gut, causing her to stagger back towards Lupo, who grabbed her by the neck and bit down, killing her instantly.

Meanwhile, Gemini, Raina, Eragon and Samara were inside Spectrum.

Samara's POV

″Where are all the scientists?″ Gemini asked. There were no sign of scientists anywhere.

″Conducting an experiment in a different location from where we are, I guess.″ I guessed.

″All right, it's time to activate the bomb, Eragon.″ I said to Eragon.

There was a timing device on the bomb. It was timed to explode in twelve minutes. Eragon lit it and it started beeping.

″Let's get out of here. The scientists will not notice the bomb `cause they're too busy conducting experiments.″ Eragon said to me, Gemini, and Raina.

I picked up Raina, and Eragon, Gemini and me (with Raina in my arms) flew out of Spectrum.

I heard a loud BOOM! And then, Spectrum was reduced to ash. The roof flew to the sky. Burnt bodies flew from the roof.

″Yuck.″ Raina curled up her nose at the burnt bodies.

″Let's go help the others now.″ I said.

Lupo`s POV

″Lupo, we came to help you and the others.″ I heard Samara say.

I transformed back into my human form and said ″no need. We killed them all.″

″So, did the bomb work?″ Theta asked.

Eragon gestured to Spectrum, which was blown to pieces. ″Yeah. It worked.″ He said.

Samara's POV

″We did it!″ Gemini exclaimed.

″Now what do we do?″ Theta asked.

″We plan for the future.″ I said. ″And I have a feeling the future will be bright for us.″


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