Salad Bowl

John Andrist

Salad bowls have a mixture of vegetables and stuff.

My life has a mixture of vegetables and stuff.

What? I know a vegetable or two.

Carrots and corn.

Peas and broccoli.

I like corn, and potatoes, and the occasional cooked carrot.

Those are the people in my life I enjoy.

The things I want in my salad bowl.

I don't need peas. Or broccoli. Or cauliflower. I don't want them in my salad bowl.

I don't want those people in my life.

Lettuce is a staple of a salad bowl.

And of tacos.

I love tacos, too.

Life can be like a taco.

But it's more similar to a salad bowl.

With a bigger mix of things.

And actually, you could make it a not so salad salad bowl and put the ground beef from the taco in the salad bowl.

Then it'd taste like a taco.

And I love tacos.

Problem is, I don't like salad bowls.

Not to say I don't like life,

but I just don't like salad bowls.

Especially based on the ingredients.

Like how I dislike life in some ways because of the people in my salad bowl.

Salad bowl.