title: the stars in december

summary: on surviving. and learning to breathe when you're drowning.


(- "no one ever really realizes that the boy needs saving too"-)

Beckett is a boy with a father and nice house and not much else. He used to have a brother and a mother but they're gone now and it's his fault (and he is reminded every minute of everyday).

Beckett is a boy with a father and a nice house and he isn't very fond of either. The house is too cold, too empty because no one's ever there. Silence and loneliness linger, heavy as stone. The father is the same way-cold and empty and never ever there.

Instead he leaves behind bruises and scars to remember him by along with the ugly, hurtful words that Beckett hides from by losing himself in his art. His father doesn't like when he does that. His father doesn't like anything he does.

He's been angry with him lately because he is a disappointment, a failure, pathetic. Art? Art's not gonna pay the bills kid, artists don't make real money. Your brother was going to be a lawyer, why can't you be more like him? Your big brother had everything.


Beckett shoves his sketchbook under his bed and leaves the house that is not a home.