Just a little something I typed up last September :) There's actually more to it, but I took the extra off 'cause it wouldn't have made much sense. A drabble right now, but I'm kind of re-interested in the idea.

He was beautiful, she observed through stormy eyes. Silky raven hair that barely drifted into his forest-green eyes when he tilted his head. Strong-looking arms and long legs completing a lean build. High cheek bones and light pink lips.

Those green eyes roved the crowd, not betraying any emotions or thoughts. He was simply taking everything. Understandable, considering it was his first day.

She found it incredibly odd, seeing as her first day was yesterday.

Her back descended to rest against the trunk of the tree and adjusted the book in her lap. No one had really noticed her arrival, though she knew they would if she let herself be seen. Attention was the one thing that made her uncomfortable.

So she would watch from her place atop the small hill that lay at the edge of the courtyard. Anyone who looked upon her would simply see a lone figure in simple jeans and a hoodie reading and listening to music.

Her hand raised to place a fallen strand of blonde hair behind her ear and pull her hood forward. Heavy guitar blared into her ears from the expensive ear buds she donned. Her eyes scanned the page, reading the words but not comprehending them. Her mind stayed on the new boy with the dark hair.

Despite her will, grey orbs flicked up to watch said boy. He was sitting on one of the outdoor lunch tables, resting his feet on the bench. Three girls sat around him, giggling and probably bombarding him with questions. Though he hid it well, she could tell he was uncomfortable. She didn't blame him. His posture was relaxed, but his jaw twitched. He seemed to be looking anywhere but at the vultures who surrounded him.

The heavy guitar and screaming voice faded into a small piano interlude. This was her favorite part of the song. Slim fingers tapped the cover of her book in time with each note. She had no piano with her, so this was what she would settle for.

But suddenly, green eyes looked up to meet her grey ones. Her fingers faltered.

A strand of black hair fell across his forehead. It seemed to bear streaks of blue in the sunlight. He flicked his head to remove the obstruction.

And then his gaze had moved on.

Her lips curved upward.

After shaking her head, she stood and left the shade of the tree, closing her book and walking down the hill. She hummed with the returned guitar as she made her way to class.

Thanks for reading :)