I wrote this a long time ago and I actually have a lot more to the story than this, but I'm still revising the rest so here's a little taste of what's coming :)

She parked the $125,000 car in front of the hotel and adjusted the rear-view mirror. Her face was that of a rich aristocrat, a look she was used to. The curly brown locks she adorned were bound in an up do. She wore more make-up than normal, as did all the women of the wealthy status she was portraying. One had to act the part, after all. She checked her mascara and ruby-red lipstick, and then got out of the car.

It was a windy night, but warm inside the building. Wealthy men stood around with champagne glasses in hand and slutty women on their arms, laughing about grand business schemes. All of them were blind, pompous fools that she didn't bother to waste her time with. Not a single head turned to look at her as she entered the elevator.

The walls of the small box were golden, acting as mirrors clear as glass. She examined herself—short, tight black dress, matching stilettos, and a diamond necklace glittering at her throat. Her preference was not to dress like a whore, but the job called for it.

A slight ring informed her that she had arrived at her floor, and the elevator doors slid open silently. She walked down the exquisite hallway, paying no mind to the expensive vases and treasured paintings around her. They were material items that she would never see again, let alone remember, so what was the point in admiring them?

She came to stop in front of room 84B and rapped lightly on the door. Footsteps sounded behind the wood and the door was pulled open, revealing a middle-aged man. He was clad in a suit, probably made in a different country and worth thousands, and Italian shoes. A golden watch circled his wrist. She idly wondered if he stole it...

He smiled charmingly and motioned for her to enter. "I wasn't expecting you for ten more minutes."

She looked around the suite, noting the window and absence of security camera. This guy was obviously not as smart as he looked. She turned and replied to his earlier comment. "Then someone must have given you the wrong time."

He chuckled and shut the door. "Your employer is certainly a one-of-a-kind."

She smiled wryly. "I'm guessing you've had transactions in the past?"

The man sat down in a recliner against the wall. "Something like that." He folded his arms on his lap. "Please, have a seat." He motioned to the bed.

She shook her head and curved her lips upward. "No thank you. I just came to make an exchange, and then I really need to be somewhere else."

He nodded, eyes flashing. His hand rose to point out the nightstand. "It's in the top drawer."

She thanked him and walked over to the ornate piece of furniture. Kneeling down, a hard action in the dress she was wearing, she grabbed the knob and slid the drawer open. He hadn't lied—the file was there. But she expected the catch.

It happened incredibly fast. A slight rustle reached her ears. Her finger slid against the back of her ring, causing the small dart to pop up on the other side. She stood and turned, finding the man right behind her. Her fist flew, catching him right in the shoulder. The spike on her ring cut audibly through his jacket and blood stained the white tuxedo shirt underneath. His eyes rolled back and he fell to the floor with a light thump. The gun he was about to point at her clattered out of his hand.

She folded the poisonous dart back down and picked up the file folder out of the box. After flipping through its contents to make sure everything she needed was there, she knelt and touched the man's neck, feeling for a pulse that wasn't present.

"Pleasure doing business with you," she said quietly, and left.

Thanks for reading :)