did you ever think you would die?
when madness made your heart
subdivide every beat until you were
dizzy-drunk on the sound of your name
dripping like gold from every tongue and
bended knee before you. what a story
they spun you, and you gulped it like oxygen.
woman of fire, burn on burn on
through night; you will smoke out
the stars. you are your own light.

did you feel the prophecy fade?
when dawn stretched moonlight thin over
your bones and the ache of tireless
wandering scorched your skin. even in sleep
the constellations called you called you
and their poison smelled so sweet: irresistible
as aurora's spindle. you cradled
the ethereal glow in the curves of your
eyes, following it deeper into the dark.

did you know your eyes were open?
when the shadows grew thick around you, clotting
like blood between your lungs till the screams
scalded your throat. hemophiliac,
empty yourself; this venom fills a never-ending
cup. your veins are corroding corroding
and your heart works against you.

did you taste it in the marrow?
when you cracked his bones between
your teeth and infected him with your
disease. you scrubbed off all your skin, but
all this time you've been rotting from
the inside-out, ashes, ashes.
the fire keeps you ever thirsty, ever
seeking to slake your desire,
so insatiable, you turned and ate yourself.