Writings on a Wall So Weary

It would seem as if you can go no further,

And life has made you weak.

But you must not cower,

Even if the future looks bleak.

You are not the first one here,

Nor will you be the last.

Do not stay here my Dear,

I have a bloody past.

The world will not wait for you,

And neither will I.

I have sorrows too,

But I cannot die.

You have been given a gift,

Sent to you by Nature.

Don't let your life go adrift,

For your time is growing shorter.

You are full of questions,

But I hold no answers.

Time will teach you the lessons,

And so will your failures.

I would tell you to seize the day,

But the day is already gone.

Now you must light your own way,

And work towards a new dawn.

Life has no guarantee,

And you will surely fall.

Just continue on your journey,

And avoid this weary Wall.

Do not weep in the rain,

For water cannot hurt you.

If you dance through the pain,

Even those days will have value.

Do not stay here my Dear,

I am not what you seek.

Explore the new frontier,

And do not be afraid to speak.

"Unique" is not a birthright,

But it is easy to claim.

Provide your own insight,

And play your own game.

Your future is uncertain,

But that is no reason to fear.

You will find strength from within,

But you must always stay sincere.

If you sing with the birds,

Others will surely follow.

I may just be words,

But I have felt the rainbow.

You must begin life anew,

But always remember to try.

The world will not wait for you,

And neither will I.

Whenever the sun sets,

Know that you will see it in another time.

Live with no regrets,

For you only get one rhyme.

Run away my Dear,

I am not what you seek.

The world will not wait for you to appear,

Nor will it stop for the weak.

One must be strong to fly with the birds,

Even when one is wealthy.

These are my last words,

Written on a wall so weary.