Knock Knock Knock

The wooden door creaks against

The ravenous wind that bites back

Calling my name

Roused from my sleep,

I stumble on the stone floor

Making my waythrough the darkened hallway of my bereft soul.

There is a light at the next room, signifying hope.

I peek in.


Its just my cousin, switching between the god channel…and porn.

Troubled, and more than a little disturbed I countinue my Journey.

Fuck, I muse. This hallway is too damn long.

At Last, AS I stub mytoe on the wood flooring of the hallway

I make my way, ever looking

Like a hidous undead beast, awakening from the dead.

I open the door as it groans, I follow suit.

Another bag of Flaming Shit.

Those Goddamn Kids.