A world as dark as the night without a moon.

Only my body was visible in this dark void of a world. As if all other light were blocked off, or rather, it was like it never existed here in the first place.

There is no sound, there is no light, almost as if I were in space itself. The air was cold, yet warm. There was no smell permeating the area; there was nothing.

A world full of nothingness.

However, something broke through that nothingness—

"Do you have a wish?"

— and asked me this question.

As soon as this questionable voice that sounded neither male nor female, perfectly androgynous, spoke, it was as if sound returned. An echo that stretched on for so long I thought that it would never end. The male/female voice came from behind me, I instinctively knew.

I turned around.

There stood a man— no a woman— no a man— no a child— no an old woman—

'It' kept on changing forms. As if there were several pictures lined up and they were being pulled in a rapid sequence.

There were no special facial features as they too kept changing, but the one thing they all had in common—

'It' was smiling.



A chill ran down my spine. Seeing such an abnormal smile, a chill ran down my spine.

Then, 'it' spoke again, repeating 'its' previous words:

"Do you have a wish?"

With that androgynous voice, 'it' said this.

With that chilling voice devoid of actual emotion, 'it' said this.

It's not that there was no emotion in 'its' voice, but I couldn't detect any true emotion.

That smile was only superficial.

"Who are you?" I asked this with a trembling voice.

Faced with such an enigmatic character, I could only possess a trembling voice.

There was no one or thing I knew that could send such a cold fear down my entire body with just a look at its character.

The smile grew on 'its' face.

"There is no need for me to relay my name to you. You see, after you leave this area, you will forget about my existence, or rather, you will know I exist, but forget most details about me. The only thing you need to know is that I can grant your wish."

"My... wish?"

"Yes. Well, to be truthful, I will not be the one granting your wish, but this will."

'It' raised 'its' hands, holding a sphere in the palm of 'its' hands. The sphere was about the size of an apple, and seemed to have nothing residing in it.

Yes, just like the world surrounding me, it contains nothing, yet everything.

"Make a wish."