Hear the passing of time
That snuffs out those old flames
And it brings new life, new flavor
But yet will never allow to fully rid ourselves of past shame

Ever assaulted by this new regime
It would appear as though they are reaching through me
That they have stripped me of all reason
And will do so at my loss of integrity

Ardent but so insignificant I thought to be this passion
That soon becomes awash in the turmoil of bodily flame
Ever steady does the stream of time rise
Bringing new life and flavor into its game

Loathsome, oh so loathsome
Is this natural fate
To be attracted to something new
To be attracted to something unlike our habitual tastes

Pleasing and pleasurable potency
To this object of gross unfamiliarity
But time moves steadily on
Ushering in new life and flavors, never to be the same