for zach


i think he's something
like storm
and maybe even lightning
and probably a little
bits of rain
but, definitely a

sunshine are warm
and fine and lazy
like his smiles, or his
ringing laughter
or the way he calls my

rain is when his legs move
in a swift motion,
across the soft blades
of the grass,
landing on the earth repeatedly,
coldly, harshly-
so focus, so determined,
he doesn't even know i'm

lightning occurs on a
rare occasion, where he'd shine
and glimmers and he's
not even on the fields,
and that's how i first noticed him-
when he strikes me.

storm is in his eyes, the
hollowness of his cheek
and the dark edges in his stares;
the only part of him
i can't figure out-
the part of him he's becoming now
(towards me)