Becky had always wanted to own a magic wand, but she never knew just how to go about getting one. She knew of course, that she could not go into a shop and just buy one; so she had to think for a long while about where exactly to get one.

Maybe if I make a wish, I will get one, but if I don't have a magic wand to make a wish with, how will the wish come true? she thought to herself worriedly. Suddenly, she thought of an idea. I will ask my little friends the fairies to help!

So later on that day, she went down to the garden and tapped on a rock three times. Suddenly, a little elf appeared. She was dressed all in green, and her clothes were made up of little leaves that had been sewn together. Troubled, Becky asked her advice, and the elf thought a bit before replying. "I don't really know, but I'll find out for you by asking King Oberon himself. Do you think you can wait until tomorrow for an answer?" asked her pal in her high little voice.

"Sure I can." Becky replied a little disappointed that she couldn't get an answer straight away.

Oh well, she thought to herself, Good things come to those who wait.

She did not think about it anymore that day, and by bed time, Becky had nearly forgotten all about the wand. In the morning, bright and early before anyone else had gotten out of bed; sure enough there on her window sill, was her little friend the elf.

"The King was very surprised to get your request for a magic wand, because they are only used by very powerful fairies and only on very special occasions." she said, sitting down on the sill with her legs dangling over the edge. "He wants to know why you want one, and what you will do with it if he gives one to you."

Becky was surprised at the King's answer because she had thought that wanting a magic wand was just an ordinary kind of wish that lots of girls had. "I can't answer your question right away, but if I can have a bit of time to think about it; I'll give you an answer later." she said thoughtfully with a frown.

"It doesn't bother me if you have one." said her little friend with a shrug as she got ready to leave, "It's the King himself you'll have to tell."

So Becky went out and sat in the garden and put on her thinking cap. Her little friend had mentioned that Becky would have to give the King and Queen three reasons why she would need a magic wand. As she thought up the reasons, Becky ticked them off on her fingers.

My first one would be: So I could help my friends when they need any help, which I think is a good reason.

The second one would be: To help around the house. Like waving my wand and seeing my room cleaned up in the twinkle of an eye. My bed, and my little sister Sarah's bed made up in an instant.

But what about the third wish...I don't need a new house...or a new swing or cubby house. I suppose I could wish for a year's supply of chocolate bars...or twelve boxes of cherries...or even ten big buckets full of strawberries...but I don't know how that would be received by the King and Queen. They would probably think I was a bit greedy.

What can I think of as my third wish? I know

, thought Becky. I will make a wish that I can believe in my friends' the fairies all my lifeā€¦ even when I grow up to be a big person. That would be my third wish, so that whenever I need a special friend. I will be able to wave my magic wand and some of my little friends will appear.

When Becky saw her little elf friend that afternoon, she told her that she was ready to meet with King Oberon and Queen Mab; and talk with them about the magic wand. The following morning, before anyone else in the house was awake, the King and Queen paid a visit to Becky and asked if she had decided on her three wishes. She explained her three wishes to their Majesties, who both thought for a time and agreed that Becky could indeed have a magic wand. With the wand; they would also make out a scroll with her name on it naming her friend of the fairies forever.

They would send her the scroll and the wand after they had spoken to the head wand and scroll maker in their kingdom. Becky was advised by the King, that it might take a few weeks for all this to happen, and asked her to be patient because this was the first time in many years that anyone other than a fairy or elf (or even a gnome for that matter) had received one. Becky wrote down a date, and agreed she would be as patient she could until the wand and scroll came.

It was just as the King and Queen had said it would be. Three weeks later, at the exact time and day they had set, her little elf friend came to her window sill...wand and scroll in hand. Becky could hardly contain her excitement. She thanked her little elf friend politely and took the wand and scroll inside. The scroll, she put into the most secret and special places - her special box.

The wand, Becky kept in her pocket always (after all, it was a fairy wand and very small), and used it just the way she had said she would until she was very old (over 100 years old in fact!). She told stories to her children, grandchildren and even her great-grandchildren about the fairies, her little elf friend and the magic wand. They always believed her, until they grew older and forgot. Sometimes, very early in the morning and before anyone else woke up, Becky would go to her window sill, or venture down into the bottom of her garden to meet her little elf friend. For her third wish was that she would believe in the fairies, and forever she did.