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"Look, girly, I know you're new here," a preppy blond girl with a weave, freshly pink painted nails, said to me; her bright red cheer skirt uniform bobbing as she jutted out her hip and put her hand on it. "but you need to realize something. I'm in charge here, not you. Now shoo, you're downing my mood just by being near me." She sneered. checking out her pedicure, thinking she had won.

Ah, another new school, another new bitch. This time twice the stupid.

"Oh, but I'm sure that you're the one whose mood is affecting me, I think I'm catching your attitude!" I exclaimed in a fake, worried voice. A dash of airhead. The moment only got better when she gave me a confused look of anger and obvious stupidity. I sighed, explaining it to her as simply s I could put it. "You know. Bitchy, annoying, and-"

"Ugh, just shut up! You can't insult me! You're the new kid, and the new kid never insults me." She crossed her arms while two other girls behind her in matching outfits did the same. "You think that you're smart, don't you?"

I rocked back and forth on my feet, a smug grin in place. "Smarter than you." The blond stomped her foot in protest.

"Come on, girls. We're leaving." And with a flip of her scented hair, her and her girls went strutting down the hallways. Filled with glaring and/or gazes of amazement. Those eyes followed me, Gwen Broadchester, through the halls of Hunchner High on my first day in the golden state of California.

Yep, you could say I move around a lot. Or you could say that I've not stayed in one town for more than two months. Either way, you get the picture.

This is... What? My 7th new state., 12th new town, maybe. I don't know, I think I gave up on keeping track about 5 towns ago. It's pointless when all that's going to happen is I'm going to get sent away with another foster family again.

But hey, props of being the new kid is that you get out of a few things. You can break a rule and say you just didn't know. Until the faculty catches on, however. Not all adults are idiots, sadly. I should have my detention spot picked out withing a few days.

But for now, I'll have to get ready for my next class. I'm planning on being late a good 6 minuets before running in and giving some lame excuse that I couldn't find the classroom. Should give me plenty of time to find out what that blondies locker number and combination is, her name was Brenda, I think. Brenda Welsh? I'll have to ask someone.

-Six minutes and thirty seconds later-

"Gravity is a rather unusual force, it is very special..." I waited outside room 204, looking for the perfect moment to burst through the door. I think now is my time. I prepared myself, making it look like I had run "It has different-"

Shooting the door handle open and taking a few seconds to breath in the air, that smelled a lot like old textbook, I looked to the teacher. "I'm so sorry that I'm late! I couldn't find the classroom!" I bowed. I grew up in japan for a while with my real parents, so I guess you could say I picked up a few things from there.

The teacher, Mr. Wilford from what I can read off his desk, sighed then stood forward in front of the class. He put a smile on his wrinkled face, then gestured for me to come forth and stand before the class. And looking at everyone, they looked like they're going to pas out any second.

"You must be Ms. Broadchester, correct?" I nodded and smiled at the class. Playing with my red hair nervously. As confident as I could be, new people scared me. I mean, I don't exactly look normal. What with bright red hair and a piercing on my lip and nose. Not to mention how pale I was. And now that I'm living in California for a while, where it is extremely hot now, I'm dressed in a dark blue longs-leaved shirt and skinny jeans.

I notice how most everyone else were dressed in knee-length skirts or shorts and short-sleeved shirts and brighter, lighter colors. And normal hair styles. I just felt so out-of-place right now, but I always am, aren't I?

I could hear the whispers among the students. It was making me even more nervous. "Alright, alright. Now, Ms. Broadchester, I'll give you your text-book and then you can introduce yourself properly to the classroom." I waited as he shuffled in one of the cupboard near the back of the classroom, then bringing me a very, very old-looking green textbook. "There. Now, class, pay attention!" He snapped his head to the high schoolers, who were all talking.

I gulped and looked around at all of them. "My name is Gwen, I moved here from Washington, yes D.C, and..." I thought, nodding my head at myself slowly. Someone sensed my nervousness and called out from the classroom.

"Why don't you tell us all about yourself, Gwen?" it was a female voice, but it didn't sound snotty or stuck up.

"Okay, I like music, I can play the guitar and piano, plus I like to sing." I said, and decided that, that was enough talk about myself.

"Alright, Gwen, take your seat. You can have the empty desk next to Felix." Mr. Wilford pointed a finger to a boy with a hood covering most of his head, but there were black strands of hair peeking out from behind. He was sleeping with his face planted in a book similar to the one I had received just a few minuets ago.

The teacher sighed then walked over to who I take as Felix and pulled his chair out from beneath him. He snapped awake and yawned, earning a few laughs from the rest of the class. Mr. Wilford set his chair back in place and allowed the guy to be seated again. I held back a few giggles from the front of the class room.

It was amusing on a certain level to just watch as he, Felix, settled back into his chair and rested his chin on his arms. I watched him silently as our eyes met for a short while. Mr. Wilford explained to him to not do this or blah, blah, blah about something. He just shrugged and kept his head down. Mr. Wilford smiled at me and told me to take my seat.

Let me tell you, Mr. Wilford's lectures are really boring.

And lucky for me, Felix was seated in the back which means that I to am in the back of the classroom. No wonder he was able to sleep while everyone else had their heads up. So I pulled out my notebook and pencils. I doodled for a while, you know, lightning bolts, frogs, mustaches, tiny people. Just about a lot of those things before I got bored and started drawing things I remembered about my parents. Then after a few pages of using up my note book paper, I flipped to a new page.

I got stumped on what to draw, so I bit the end of my pencil. And in the moment of near silence as there was no noise of lead against the paper on my desk, and Mr. Wilford was still going on about gravity and the magical forces of the universe, I heard breathing. Like, really close to my ear.

So I froze, with the end of my pencil still in my mouth. And snapped my head to the side.

As soon as I did, I met a pair of dark blue eyes. A pair of dark blue eyes, that belong to Felix.

Was he watching me? Did he see what I drew?

We only stared at each other for a while, and it was really awkward. Until he broke the silence.

"You're a good drawer." he sighed and leaned back in his chair, resting his face on his fist. This was the moment when I actually noticed what he looked like. He had black hair, like I saw before. It was messy, but not in a 'I haven't used a brush in five days' but more like a bad case of wearing a beenie too often and running his fingers through it. He was wearing grey pants, that looked like skinny jeans but could be questioned on how tight they were, a black shirt, and a faded red looking hoodie.

"Thanks." I said, a little surprised and confused.

He opened his mouth to say something but got cut off by the class bell. Student's began to pick up their things and rush out the door. "All right class, don't forget about the test this Friday!" Mr. Wilford called out as the students rushed off to their lockers, then to their next class.

I however was still packing my notebook and pencils while Felix stayed seated in his chair. I looked over to him a couple times and then snapped at him. "Why are you looking at me?!" my voice was raised a little so it was a good thing that Mr. Wilford had left the classroom.

Felix only shrugged. "I'm just waiting."

"Um. Okay then..." I wavered and got out of the classroom as fast as I could. Which was probably a bad idea. Because as soon as I stepped into the hallway, I could hear the sound of a high pitched squeal from across the school.

I should probably run, because the screaming was getting closer.