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I was practically frozen while he just stood there in my door way, laughing his ass off at me. Embarrassment filled me as I felt my face grow red: blushing. I gripped the brush in my hands, tempted to throw it at him.

"W-what are y-you doing?!" I stuttered, taking a step towards him angrily.

He continued laughing but stifled it. "I s-should be asking y-you that!" Felix clenched his stomach and took a step into my room. I sighed exaggeratedly and crossed my arms.

"Who let you inside?" I asked impatiently. He recomposed himself.

"Oh, your mom did. She was thrilled that you had a guest," the boy gave a cheeky smile and rocked back and forth on his feet. Why was he acting so smug? That isn't fair. Why isn't he in school?! Wait... What day was it again, Monday? Something like that... I just went and sat on my bed, still blushing.

He stopped smiling and sighed, coming over to sit next to me, "You know, I'm really sorry..."

I gave him a sideways look.

"I didn't mean to make you freak out; I should have just figured that you weren't interested instead of making you have a panic attack," Felix shook his head. I sighed and shook my head.

"You aren't the main reason why that happened, you know," I told him, looking at his face.

He gave a pathetic look and said, "I know, Haley told me, but I still feel really bad." Felix sighed, looking down and ruffling the hair on his neck.

"But, uh... If you hadn't been so surprised...what would you have said?" He asked, looking up at me. There were all signs of hope in his eyes. It made me feel really bad. I don't know what I would have said if I hadn't had that little moment, honestly.

I sighed. I don't know how I feel towards him. He's my friend, that's for sure, but going on a date? Being any more than friends? I don't know. I'm still not even sure if I'll still be here long enough for that to happen. Closing my eyes for a second, taking a small breath, and then opening them again, I looked at Felix.

"I don't know…" I started, and he looked slightly disappointed. I continued, "I honestly don't; I'm sorry. I-I guess I just don't know if I feel that way yet, okay? Maybe if we gave it some more time, we could?" This was difficult for me. I've never had to reject someone, or even do something like this, before in my life. I felt awkward.

"Okay... I guess we could do that," he nodded his head. "Yeah, that'd be good. So we're still friends, at least?" I nodded too.

"Yes, but you need to go. I feel like taking a nap," I said as I threw my covers on myself and snuggled into them, peaking out through a small hole.

Felix laughed as he left my room, "Alright, I'll see you later." He waved.

... Things are going to be awkward... I thought.

I snuggling my face into the blankets, and I felt myself blushing again.

I walked down the stairs, stretching and yawning-I had just woken up. My hair was greasy and tangled, and my shirt was still uncomfortably mangled on my chest and my pajama pants...they were the only article of clothing I was wearing that was actually comfortable. So fluffy were my fleece purple pj pants.

My "mom" had came into my room a bit earlier and woke me up, telling me she had something important to discuss with my "father" and I. Something told me that it was the same thing they had to talk about before I had my moment. I could hear them through the walls, whispering and discussing things that I couldn't fully make out.

I wondered what it was that they were talking about. Oh well, maybe I'll find out later.

I came to the entrance of the living room, and their voices died down. My mother smiled at me and patted a spot next to her on the sofa. My father was next you her, his hands folded on his lap. He was a little scary. It's not like he looked like he could beat someone up, though he probably could if he wanted to. The man was just so, so proper, and business like. The glasses weren't helping much, either.

Regardless of feeling threatened, I sat next to her with my legs criss-crossed on the couch.

She gave me sweet eyes and said, "Gwen, we have something we would like to talk with you about." Then her eyes trailed to her husbands, both of them looking back at me. My father had slightly serious eyes, and my mother had the easily excited eyes of an eight year old boy in a Lego shop.

This was uncomfortable...it made me feel like something bad had happened, or bad/good news was coming.


"Sweet heart, we're adopting you."


Not once in my life, have I ever heard those words come from any of my foster parents.

I was at school within the next few days. I stayed in my room for all of them, not even leaving to go pee or to eat.

It was a painful two days.

I didn't go two days without food, though. I did find some granola bars stashed in my school binder, and my water bottle for gym, though those didn't last long. When it came time for me to go back to school, I had my alarm clock set for an hour earlier than I would normally get up. I had to go to bed earlier, however.

Since it took me about half an hour to take a shower, another half hour to blow dry my hair, and about twenty minutes to get dressed and put on a little make-up, I had a lot of extra time if I wasn't planning on leaving before my "parents" woke up, which was in about eight minutes or so.

Grabbing my stuff for school and the doctor's note I'm supposed to give the nurse, I left the house as stealthily as possible, starting my twenty minute walk to the school.

Once I did get there, I was bombarded by everyone. "Everyone" meaning my friends, of course: Haley, Bre, Danny, Tyler, Felix, and even Lily were all attacking me.

I had no idea why.

Did they think I was dying or something? I don't need a welcome party, especially when it comes to school...I was also in a sour mood, so I didn't want them to be effected or something because of me. I couldn't exactly get out of the death grip of a hug they have me stuck in, however.

I had to shove them away from me, and I know that I didn't look happy and that I forgot to take that medicine this morning, so I was probably going to need to just stay away from everyone for a little bit.

Yeah...I was probably going to get a little dramatic today.