There I lay in the broken and frozen wastelands of Nyx's heavenly realm. My wings were marred and rendered useless by Nyx's ultimate curse. To top it off no one knew of the curse which I held like I did. No-one knew why my head was held low, and no one knew just how much the icy barren lands surrounding me resembled my very heart and soul. There was only one hint of life where I sat on the frozen, barren, cracked glacier. It was a tree incased in pure ice it was beutiful, yet, deadly. It's limbs were twisted and marred just like my life, my heart, and my soul.

It was the only reminder of the one lover and the one friend Nyx had once given me as more punishment for the curse I was born with. The tree was meant to be a metaphor of them, because one side of the tree had a marking much like the face of the first and the other side had a marking much like the shape of the second.

There were iclicles though around the tree of happiness, and if I got too close one would fall and I would once again be bared from happiness. Either that or my wings would further crack and break due to the ice that encased the pure black feathers that I was born with due to my fathers disgrace. I was forever trappen in the frozen back wastelands of Nyx's paradise. I was caught up in a lifelong punishment, and I sat and watched as others found love and happiness and I was denied it.

"You are not to be ever allowed true happiness, Rephaim." The Goddess whispered ever so lovingly into my ear. I was left staring at the beauty bestowed upon me that is forever known as the vibrant red-head with the strange hazel-green eyes. Then I was quickly wisked away from the pardise of vibrant glowing flowers, trees, and grass covered in vibrant warmth and sunlight to a land barren and frozen. Frozen Wasteland. That's where I now was, and that it where I was now cursed to spend forever at.

"I am, Rephaim. I am a child of the Goddess's curse. Cursed when it is not I whom should be cursed. Yet, still, I am a child broken and jaded, and my wings are as broken, frozen, and jaded as my soul."