A primal feeling embodies itself within the hunter, he has seen and experienced this kind of feeling before, he was no short of victories or losses.

The Hunter stares down the wolf, spear at the ready.

The wolf reciprocates a deathly stare, a snarl follows and the two begin to circle each other.

Nothing is new about this, just another man that had started a fight with a wolf, the two were both deadly predators.

The wolf takes a step forward, inspecting this menace that stood 5'9 and broad shouldered.

The Hunter strikes once with the spear, crimson red blood splatters against the pale snow.

A loud whimper was exerted from the wolf and in an instant, the wolf struck once, then twice at the man, ripping open his leg and tearing warm flesh.

The Hunter screams in agony and clutches his leg, but not before he can finish the fight, embedding his spear into the torso of the wolf.

The wolf feels the spear enter his side, an immense pain follows and he watches as blood splatters on the snow.

Both collapse, one out of pain, and one out of death's embrace.

One lives and one dies.

A passing between the to.

The wolf is soon used to benefit the man's tribe, his pelt is used to warm the newborn's, his flesh used to feed the starving family.

But as the cycle of life passes on through, the man soon dies of infection, his tribe, his pack, his family, endures a sobering and unendurable pain, one that is conjured from the heart and mind. The memories of the man don't soon fade, the family tearfully mourns, but moves on, such as what the man did after being wounded by the wolf.

In the end, the man saved the family on that cold winter night, giving them warmth and food to satisfy a relentless hunger.

The man risked his life for his families lives.

He is greatly respected for having the endurance in the worst of situations.