Chapter 5: She Comes To Save My Day

POV: Archer

When Daniel's best friend yelled out that I was a fag… my expressions: shock, anger, surprise, and disappointment. Fuck my life. I was found out within the first 50 minutes of school. Well that's definitely a record. Daniel just stood their dumbfounded. I was sure that he would hate me soon if he didn't already.

"Who the fuck cares?!.." I yelled getting so frustrated of the same scenario over and over again. My family and me moved 5 time in the past 3 years because of all the shit the kids give me for being gay. My mom went through so much trouble and this school was supposed to be okay with people of different sexual desires… not that I had any yet. I had one on Freddie Highmore that was it. I ran out of the room into the bathroom. I ran into one of the stalls and pulled tears ran down my face. I closed my eyes and put my earphone into my ears and pressed the play button on my I-phone. Its Time by Imagine Dragons was playing. How appropriate. I sat in the stall and cried. Some one ran in. They knocked on the door f the bathroom stall.

"Archer? You okay?" A voice I recognized from call. It was Amy. I wanted to yell go away but I held back.

"Why are you in the boy's bathroom?" Asked between sniffles.

"If you come out I will tell you." Normally I would have refused but I was curious. I wiped my eyes and walked of the stall. Amy was standing there waiting. She sighed and gave me a long hug that was filled with love.

"Dylan's the schools biggest douche. Don't listen to a thing he says. You're awesome and don't you ever forget that she said pulling away and tapping my nose really lightly. We walked out and she took out her phone and began to text some one a sent it.

"Why don't we just take the rest of the period off hum? I'll give you a tour."

"Won't we get in trouble? "I asked

"No. I texted my mom. She is the attendance person at the school. I told her that I would show you around school so we have the rest of the day off. I have a prefect place for you."

"Okay. " and with that I fallowed her across the courtyard into the D building. We went up the stairs and through a door labeled roof. We walked to the middle of the roof. I could see the whole city. My house and everything. We sat on the ledge with our feet dangling down and our backs against the cement. We stared up at the sky. I felt so relaxed for the first time in my life that tears started to poor down my cheeks. The album kept playing. Amy one of my earphones and began to listen and smiled.

"Well, I guess I'm not the only one who knows about Imagine Dragons. Bummer," she said humming the melody of Radioactive. We lay there for the next hour or so. My album repeated itself twice already. Amy then slowly got up, as did I.

"Want some ice cream? Ice cream helps when you're sad. Oh and don't worry about being gay. About 50 % of the school is so don't worry. And I will always be here for you. So don't cry. " I sniffled again then hugged her really tight. I gave her a sad smile and opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. She nodded as though to understand what I was trying to say. We went down to the courtyard again. The ice cream store was not open yet so we just went to the lunch tables and sat there. No one came out of his or her class except for passing period. We talked for a long time. She became my first real friend since... well since I was born. I talk about my hippie mother and Greek father. My head felt lighter and I felt that I could hold my head higher then I could have done since I found out I was gay.

"I kinda wanna go to the rest of my classes you know. Don't want to miss it." I said and she walked me to my classes stating that she had the same classes. Oh Amy. Can't live with her, Can't live without her. We went through Spanish and world history together. Oh the pain. The best and worst first day EVER. Not to mention I still had an itching crush on Daniel. God why him anyway?