Crafting a Thousand Brick Walls

Fighting the enemies within,

Fighting a curse but to no avail,

Fighting and fighting till nothing is left.

Fighting and running and getting nowhere fast,

Run, run, run,

Make friends, find happiness,

Oh great finally I am no longer cursed,

Oh no oh wait they've left, they never even cared.

Wouldn't care if I dropped dead on the streets,

No one would, not even one single human being,

Guess I deserve it,

Guess I ought to just accept it.

Guess I ought to just never make friends,

Guess I ought to just live forever alone,

Guess I ought to never get so close,

Guess I ought to build up a thousand brick walls,

Never let anyone in, and keep the rest of the world forever out.

Guess I ought to just accept my curse,

Live a life of solitude,

Live a life of bitterness,

Just like the maker of the curse wanted...

Watch as everyone else is happy,

And I remain forever alone,

By the time I'm fifty might as well be in a mental institution,

Might as well be forever alone and live as life of bitter sweet remorse.