Broken and Cursed

Who is the broken and jaded child?

Who is the freak, the crazed, the forever insane one?

Who is the hated child?

Who is the one lost in endless lies?

A thousand promises?

A million fake kind words?

Who is the one without a soul?

Who is the one broken and cursed for all of eternity?

Who is the child whose hurt encompanses more than a thousand miles?

Who is the child lost in her delusions and fantasies?

Who is the child who continuously finds happiness only to lose it?

Who is the child who is now lost beyound recognition.

I am that child,

A product of a thousand lies,

A thousand regrets,

A thousand goodbyes,

A thousand hellos,

A thousand unmeant "I love you's",

And more than anything I am a product of a never ending curse,

I am always denied happiness,

I am always denied a friend,

I am always denied family,

I am always denied a lover,

It is part of the curse,

And quite frankly I am surprised I havn't died a long, long, long time ago.