This is a prologue for a story I'm currently working on. It's one of my favorites and the writing is going really well. I won't be posting the story here as there are important scenes that are too graphic for this site but this prologue can be read separately.

EDIT: I've opened a poll for those who might want to vote for the story's publishing here. My updates might be inconsistent but I won't stop writing it. Keep in mind that when I say graphic, I don't mean "he touched me there". I mean, "he ran his tongue feverishly along the slit of my cock". That is all ^-^

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During winter break of my sophomore year, my best friend's parents were out of town checking on an old friend whose dog had been put down. It was close to Christmas so my mom was at parties every other night. Both our houses were empty but mine had a better theater system so we stayed there and watched horror movies for most of the evening while moving back and forth between the kitchen for pizza and popcorn and milkshakes. I ended up puking it all up but Jack could stomach most things, even really greasy chocolate and loads of ramen.

We were in the middle of some freaky orphan movie, half-asleep, when Jack nudged me with his foot. I was used to it, his annoying way of getting my attention. We'd been friends for about two and a half years since I moved here in middle school so I knew him, but even then I knew something was strange. He wasn't as rough as usual and even if he was tired, he would have called me by the nickname that he came up with our eighth grade year that everyone calls me now instead of Matt, but he didn't say anything until I sat up and looked over at him.

"I got something serious I wanted to talk about." He'd said.

I thought he was going to tell me that he had cancer or that he was the one who hit my dog and drove away two years ago. I didn't think he'd tell me what he did. I was so worried at first, scared almost.

"Trip," he said, using my nickname. "…I think I might be bi or something."

I was surprised but relieved when he said that. The feeling only lasted for a few seconds, though. I remember thinking the same thing a few days prior and worrying about it myself. I haven't been a virgin since ninth grade and Jack lost his virginity in eighth, both of us to girls. I'd only ever been with girls. I've always been drawn toward girls but when I finally had sex, it wasn't as fantastic as everybody said it would be. It was still better than getting myself off alone but it never felt really special. I'd only been thinking recently about my sexuality actually being part of it. It's not that I'd ever had strong attraction to guys, though I can admit when someone is good-looking. I really disliked the idea of going down on a guy but there had been times when I was able to imagine being in a relationship with one, mostly actors. I've never had a steady girlfriend since the first two and those were pretty premature relationships. I was confused and I admitted that to Jack.

"I know it's gonna sound bad but maybe…we should kiss or something, just to check it out." Jack told me. "No tongue or groping. I just want to see and you're curious, right?"

"You can't grab my ass or some shit." I'd warned him which is sort of funny in a way that's not very funny at all.

We were really hesitant and it was awkward trying to get to it. I even made Jack go brush his teeth first while I brushed mine in my mom's bathroom and locked the house's front door. Jack turned the movie over to some reality show and sat back on the couch with me. It was weird, really weird. I didn't know what to do about anything. I started thinking that it was a bad idea, that I shouldn't experiment with my best friend. I almost decided to back out but Jack must have gotten tired of the awkward pauses because he finally leaned in on me.

I initially jerked back and he gave me a wide-eye look as if to apologize but with a faint buzz on my lips, I moved back into him. I closed my eyes and felt his lips on mine, cool and slightly sweet with mint. It was such an instant rush that I couldn't just grab onto. I had to ride it and I couldn't let go of him or it would leave me, so I kept kissing him. He kissed me back and with a brief lick over my bottom lip, our rules were broken.

It was tongue and tongue, hands and ass, both of us fighting to be on top of the other. I eventually got him on his back but he rolled over until I had to stand not to fall between the couch and the coffee table. I was breathing hard and my head was pounding but I forgot as soon as he stood with me and kissed me again. I don't think either of us knew what was happening because we were completely out of our minds but there was something there, this unfamiliar but addictive throb pressed between our tongues.

We'd started moving toward my room, I think, but he pushed me against my door and ran his hands under my shirt. We were both so confused and turned on. I think I spent a good two minutes just biting his neck like I'd done with girls before. I stopped when he spoke again, his voice strange and hoarse, a voice I'd never heard from him that made my pulse go crazy. His words didn't help.

"What are we doing?" he'd huffed.

"I-I don't know." I'd responded.

He kissed me again but I pushed him back. He opened my bedroom door and I fell back into the room while still trying to catch my breath.

"Just a little more." He'd said.

"I'm bigger than you, down there." I reminded him quickly, maybe to try and name myself dominant.

"I grow." He replied and pulled my shirt up over my head.

I was even more confused in that moment. I didn't understand any of what was going on. One second he had his legs around me as we made out half-naked on the end of my bed. The next, he was the one digging into the back of my underwear. I think I told him to stop a few times but he never took me seriously and neither did I. I already knew where it was going and I didn't stop it because I wanted to feel it. I really did want it in the moment, but I remember Jack trying to back off when I'd pull him back down. We were both so tired and in for it. His words rung in my ears.

"This is enough." He told me. "I know now. We can stop."

But I didn't want to.

"I'm not sure yet." I lied. "Show me. I'll get you off too."

"I can't do it, Trip." He said.

Of course I felt like he'd decided he wasn't into guys at all. I thought he would hate me for wanting him to continue and I hated myself in that moment because I'd ruined the friendship we had for a whim.

"Don't hate me."

The words had barely left my mouth before he kissed me again. It was a mess of sweat and crying, a lot more tears than really necessary, and I felt so horrible, so twisted and appalling and just…bad. The way Jack looked at me, like I was a dog walking toward its death, maybe that's why I was crying so much. I'd never cried in front of him before but it felt awful if only for the fact that it felt amazing. I liked it, loved it. I loved it too much and Jack practically looked scared for me and I'd never felt so ashamed of myself. I was bigger than him, stronger, older, smarter, more outgoing, but that was me crying underneath him out of pleasure and shame, not because it hurt or I didn't like it. It was too much to take and I was nearly unconscious when Jack gathered his clothes and left the room, then the house. The only thing he left behind was the dog tag necklace that his grandfather had given him and he always wore. It was just that one cool night in December when it was only supposed to be a kiss and we've been strangers ever since.

Even I am a bit confused as to why their size would name either of them dominant. It would be more logical (since it was their first time with another guy) if the smaller were dominant. The main character has a superiority complex, obviously, and it shows throughout the story. He's a nice guy and he takes care of the people he loves but he doesn't like being taken care of or dominated (or he dislikes that he does like it because he has pride issues but he isn't quite in blind denial). Thanks for reading!