Okay here is my new, new story. It is about half wolf, half human people. It is sort of based on my life. For now I'm just going to start right away, no summary, no nothing just the first chapter.

Layla's POV

*yawwwwwn*. "Wazzzzzzzzzup". "Hmm, what?, oh hi kendra". "Get up

sleepy head" Sais kendra. "Give me a good reason why I should" I reply.

"Well one good reason is that Clyde is back from his training" kendra

replys. "OMG!, OMG!, Ooooh-no", "what?" askes kendra. "That means so

is Shane" I say as I turn my grin into a frown. "Oh come on you know you

used to like him" sais kendra with a big grin. "Shut up!" I reply. Then I say

"let's just go, Wait let me brush my hair".I brush out my long brown hair

then stuff it in a bun "okay now we can go" sais kendra. We walk outside

of my hut and there is Clyde stanting right there talking to his best bud

Luke. "Sooooo dreammy","Hey look who's over there" sais kendra

interupting my daydream. I look over to the side, there is Shane

surrounded by a bunch of girls. "Ewww" I say in disgust. Oh you're just

jeolous" sais kendra. "One day I swear I'm going too hit you in the face so

hard you will have my hand print on your face for the rest of you're life".

Just as I'm saying that Shane starts walking towards us. "Uh hi" I say

creeped out that he is near me. "I'll leave you two alone" sais Kendra as

she walks away. "Sup" sais Shane... "Well this is awkward" sais

Shane. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU" I shout. "wow, wow,

what did I do" Sais Shane who is now shaking. "You havent seen me all

winter, sometimes when I say hi you pretend you don't know me, what do

you mean what did I do!?" I yell at him. "I'm sorry calm down b!tch".

"D!ck" I say as I walk away from him.

Shane's POV

*sighhhhhhh*, *Ding Dong*. "Hell-oh it's you" sais Layla, "Look I'm

sorry...uh..ummmm...maybe we can hang at the pool tommorow?".

"Yeah sure I guess that would be fun bye" replys Layla. "Wait I'm also

locked out of my house can I stay here tonight" I say with a big smile.

"Fine, if you're hungry look in the fridge" replys Layla. "Goodnight" I say

well finishing my glass of milk. "Night" sais Layla as she walks to her room.