Okay so far I have gotten very good reviews, thank you! This is the third chapter all ready! I really love writting for you guys, keep up the good reviews! Oh and everything in the story is not exactly how it happend I changed it up to make it a little more interesting.

Skyler's POV

Hmmhmmhmm I hum walking to Layla's house (cave). I ring the doorbell and continue huming.

"Why are you humming" asks Layla. "I am humming to the cab, why arn't I" I reply. "ok..." replys

Layla. "Oh yeah I don't like Clyde anymore" says Layla. "oh really?" I ask. "yeah..." replys Layla,

"ok well you forgot your math book at school" I say. "You idiot!" says Layla, "what?" I quickly

reply. "I ment to leave it at school" says Layla as she takes her math book and slams the door.

"ok then..." I say as I start huming again. (The next day at school). I walk in the school doors and

go to my first class...which is english. After I get in the class room I go over to my seat and

notice Layla is not here yet but some guy is in her seat? I just stay at my seat not saying hello or

anything...I just wait untill Layla gets here to talk to him.

Layla's POV

In the morning I get up and yawn then look at the clock... "Oh sh!t, I'm late!" I shout changing

into some jeans and a tank with a cute cartagen over top. I brush my teeth and hair then grab

an apple and zoom out the door. I quickly rush in the door and there is Zayden who is now

yelling at me accros the hall "Hey! You better go find Zack!" I shrug and walk over to him

pressing him hard against the wall "One more word about me and Zack and I swear ill take a

pencil sharpen it and stick it in your eye!" I shout letting him off the wall slowly. "Sooo you

seem mad I found out that you like Zack?" He asks smirking as if none of that just happend.

"Shutup! Mother F****!" I shout walking to class leaving him a little suprised. I swing open the

door as the teacher frowns "Your late..." "I know I am sorry" I reply going to sit in my seat

noticing a new guy is sitting there. "Hey you are kinda in my seat" I smirk at the new kid. "Oh

sorry" he says getting out of his seat and flipping his brown shaggy hair. I sit in my seat and

whisper over to Skyler "Hes kinda cute" She laughs and replys "Hes all yours" I laugh and sit

back in my chair and flick my pencil around in my fingers not caring about what the teacher is

saying. After class me and Kendra go to our lockers and talk about the mysteriouse new kid. "He

seems to love hats and I hear he is a pretty good biker" Says Kendra getting me interested "Do

you know his name?" I ask curiousely "No... I dont" She replys not knowing his name. The bell

rings as me and Kenra head to Math. All threw math all we did was think of what the guys name

was, we made a list of guy names trying to figure out what the guys name was. After that class

it was lunch where me, Kendra, Skyler, Shay, Lauren, Annie and Amber sit. Accros from us is

where the guys sit Shane, Zack, Zayden, Clyde, Keagen, Jessie, Chase, the new kid? And the

other guys. We finish eating the horrible cafateria food and head to wood work which pretty

much all my friends are in. We get there and today we get to build what ever we want, Kendra

decides to make a bird house, I made a coat rack, Skyler made a small chair, Shay made a mini

hockey stick, Lauren made a fountain, Annie made a mini game that we all played..it was fun.

And then Amber made a stool. The guys all made...blobs...I have no idea what they made. The

new kid made something with a carving in it and came up to me giving it to me. I look down in

at the carving and it spells out..Max..its says My name is Max. "Cool..his name is Max".