See now, the girl,

who grasps the toy soldier,

who still marches down

the road set before her,

unaffected by the world

which threatens to

consume her.

Angry voices

ring beside her.

Sounds bounce off

porcelain walls,

as though to make them


The girl grips her soldier,

as the hat hides her eyes.

With empty sheaths,

by her side,

the damaged key

is wined again

and the soldier



Running blind

through sheets of snow

wind bites her nose

and ice lines

the ground,

but the girl

must continue

-like her tinker toy soldier-

so long as her key

turns the gears

to empower her.

Mechanic action,

repeats eternally

for whenever

her solemn march


the key is wined again

and the broken gears


once more.

Still, the girl marches on

like the tinker toy soldier

for which she had,

so famously,

been named.