for joseph miguel


on monday; he finds her
a little bit better than he thought
he would, because there's just
something with that
large smile and focused eyes
and her words
staining on his skin and
vibrates through his being-
he's falling in love.

on tuesday; she's confused by this
flipping feeling inside of her
stomach whenever he's near
because who the fuck does he think
he is to do this to her?
but she can't erase his long fingers
and his chiming voice from her
head and she might think
she's done, over, because what comes
next is going to hurt her.

on wednesday; their conversation
leaves a mark behind their mind
that echoes through their sleeps
as they awake in one another's dream,
but he forgets all about it the next day
as do her.
what a shame.

on thursday; he isn't aware of
her guarded heart behind her
straight-forward sentences
and sarcastic manner, and passes
her by without a single

on friday; she gets over him
and pretend she doesn't see his
longing stares-
or his equally-broken heart behind
his rugged skin, and
empty eyes.

next monday; he finds a girl with
thin lips and green eyes, and she solves
a math problem (his worst subject) like a pro,
because maybe it's better this way.

((because, maybe, they'd fuck each other up in the worst ways
if they don't end up this way.))