Hey guys. Lately I've been writing a lot of single lines that don't really fit together into a whole poem, so I figured I'd post those all together in one document. Hope you guys enjoy. Oh, and to the person who PMd me a couple days ago: Sorry I haven't had a chance to respond, but thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. And I've started reading your story, I'm on Ch. 2 now and so far I LOVE IT. One thing I really liked about it is, usually writers on here don't take the time to proofread what they write and you can tell it was probably posted by an unpublished 12 year old who never passed English II. Those, I just can't finish. When I read your story it felt like I was reading an actual book, from a library, that's been put through the editing and publishing process, so it's rare to find a grammatical error or a typo. I like how you've put the mystery twist in it, by not telling us who set up the Twitter account. It keeps you reading. Keep it up :) I would say this in a review but I'm on Chapter two of what, 25? I'll post a review of the whole thing when I finish reading.

I'm just gonna label these separate lines so you guys don't get confused XD


It's rare to find a person

who jus has to see your face.

No one else will know who you are

if you never leave a trace.


Fragile as glass I put my heart in your hands

Little did I know I never had a chance.

You brought life back to me

but took it away so easily

Your face holds beauty more radiant than the Sun;

Why don't you understand you are my only one?


Broken mirrors, shattered glass, all that remains of our joyful past


I wish I could still lie to myself

and say that it's all okay.

Accept your fate and be strong, my love,

It won't always be this way;

Don't fill your heart with hate, my love,

We will feel better someday.