Why did you mot see the secrets I hid inside?

Why did you not see the cuts that marred my arm?

You should have known that I was hiding something deep inside

But you didn't

You could not see what was right in front of you

You could not see how I harmed myself in desperation to save myself from that darkness I hid inside

My friends they tried to help me so badly but they could not help me

They saw what you did not see a girl that was broken on the inside

The cuts they are fading

They are scarring now

Bright pink lines against my pale white flesh

The harm I cause all it leaves behind is lust for more hurt

The pain it leaves behind drives me to ecstasy

You will never know what drove me to make that first cut the first scar

I tried to save myself but I was driven to cut more and deeper

That is why I am what I am