He grabbed my hand and walked away from the commotion, he was taking control, very sexy of him. I started to wonder where we were going, we walked down the hall, silent, prowling, then a sharp tug and he pulled me into a room and up against him. He smelled like man, viral and pure sex. His lips claimed mine and he pulled me close against him. I could feel every inch of his body, his solid chest and stomach, defined hips and shoulders, strong arms wrapped around my waist. His manhood was suddenly known, jutting against my stomach. I pull him even closer as the wall came behind me, hard and cool against my exposed flesh his hands wander up and down my backside finally going under my shirt and taking it off. Our lips in perfect sync, moving in harmony. My turn for my hands to travel as he grasps my breasts weighing and sculpting in his hands. His hard shoulders chiseled under my hands his back smooth, tall, dipping lower to perfect curves then under warmth against my fingers and arms, proceeding to take off his shirt to display what has been hidden for too long now. Separated long enough to take it completely off then his hungry lips found mine then traveled down my jaw to my neck and chest, a small moan escaped as his tongue slowly drew patterns across my chest and breasts. Then the mood heightened when my hands grasped his manhood through his pants. He smiled against my neck and whispered in my ear, 'why not try that again.' I did but this time went inside encircling his shaft with my entire hand. He moaned in my ear, I smiled and started slowly. Focusing on the surface behind him and nudge him backwards. I nibble on his ear, 'relax and trust me.' He moans and backs up until he topples onto the settee pulling my on top of him. I pull him back up and rip off his pants freeing his erection, I kneel and stroke the entire length, getting the most reaction when my fingers slowly grazed along his tip that was slowly dripping with precum. I then take him into my mouth slowly applying pressure swallowing his entire length, he grasps the back of my head, clenching and unclenching, I then release and make my way up his chest following the lines on his hips and up his stomach. The middle of his chest to the hollow of his neck our chests pressed together. His hands slowly travel town to my hips and under my clothes. Tracing every curve my pants become unknown as to where they were. Grasper the flesh and feeling the smooth skin at the intersection of my legs. Stroking lightly, leaning into his hand nibbling his jaw, encouraging him. 'fill me,' I moan straddling over his hips lowering onto him feeling every inch of his manliness, it was heaven, filling entire until our hips joined again. We moan together as he beginning to withdrawl and thrust back in with force that makes a growl seep out of my throat. He repeats again withdrawing slowly then thrusting back in the crash into my hips with scream, slowly stoaking the fire that is building in the core, adding to the climax. It builds and builds till finally stars erupt on the back of my eye lids and he growls and fills with the fire in my belly. I relax and rest my head against his chest hearing his heat beat slowing after the excitement of the climax that we shared. 'thank you, thank you so much darling man.' I got up and gathered my clothes putting them on as I find them all scattered and mix with his clothing. I dress and leave the room to never see the viral man again.