The Impossible Dream~

Could you ever express all your feelings in a single painting I wonder? So wondrous are these feeling within me, I fear I could never even begin to portray them; Much less accomplish such a task.

But how do you capture the beauty of the sun's disappearing rays highlighting the clouds in the sky?

How can you perceive the exhilarating joy that comes from watching a rose bloom for the first time?

Or how do you ensnare both the fierceness, and the awesome power of a storm in a single painting?

How can you even begin to describe the sound of the mighty waves pounding against the shore and how captivating the beauty of the ocean is?

How do you duplicate the wonderstruck feeling you get when you gaze upon the glory of the stars at night?

Or the indescribable feeling you get when he smiles at you?

The simple answer is that you cannot.

You can try time, and time again, but it will never be as breath-taking as the real thing.

That's why I can never explain how or when it started, or exactly what he said or did—

Or if I can even completely understand my own feelings

But that's what dreams are for; to help you believe that you might be able to tell him one day; and believe—or even dare hope—that he might feel the same way about you.~