Demonic Tears

I was looking from the window

the green full meadow

The wind made the grass dance

as I watched behind the glass

As the clouds were passing by

their shadows darkened the room inside

The faded colors of the walls

revealed the cracks and the holes

A shiver crossed my skin

as He was closing in

I was abandoned by luck

... I am the last

Slowly the door opened

My horns were broken

I can't resist

Blood was running down my wrist

He stepped inside the room

with the weapon of my doom

He courageously put the gun at my head

but he seemed undecided yet

But this was just for a glance

... I lost my chance

This is the line's end

-Are you ready to meet your end?

-Do you have something last to say?

-Only one thing, my prey

I gave him a steady stare

and with a smile on my face

I said...

"Good bye, good bye,

my light blue sky"