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I woke up earlier than most morning, because I had school. I wanted to just go back to sleep, but one reason stopped me. I have to get ready for school, to see Ethan. I thought.I heaved myself up out of bed, and started to get ready for school. It was just after a long weekend, and I was itching to see all my friends again and Ethan a small voice in the back of my head said, but I ignored it.

I walked down the passage in my PJ's and went to the bathroom, then went back to my bedroom to get changed. I got into my school clothes and tried to make them look as nice as possible. Why do school clothes have to be so ugly? I ask myself. Then I turned me attention to my hair. It is dark brown and quite long. Even uglier I thought, frowning. I tried putting my hair up in a bun, like I used to all the time. The first time I wore it, everyone complimented me on how good I looked, and now when I do it, people say nothing. I kept on trying to do a neat bun, and kept failing. I gave up on the fifth try, and threw the hair tie to the ground, frustrated. I sighed, and then just put my hair up in a boring, old, messy ponytail, not caring anymore. I tied my shoes up, then packed my laptop up and headed down to the kitchen to have my breaky.

I put my laptop down next to my bag and walked into the kitchen. "Morning Mum," I called, giving her a hug as I walked past.

"Morning Zo," she answered, hugging me back.

I walked into the pantry and grabed a Weet-Bix out of the box. I placed it in one of the bowls mum had got out ready for us kids and poured the milk into it. "Hey Will" I called to my brother. "Morning" he mumbled, sounding grumpy and tired. I carried put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and poured a glass of milk while I was waiting "I really don't know how you can eat that" Will told me.

"Well maybe if you tried it, you would know." I answered, opening the microwave and sprinkling a bit of sugar over top. I sat down at the table in my usual spot. I fished in like one minute, as it was only one Weet-Bix and put my dishes on the sink.

I quickly walked down the passage so I could get into the bathroom before my sister, Grace. She was one of the 'cool' kids at school. She spends like half an hour on her hair in the morning, and it always makes me late.

I saw she wasn't in there so I quickly brushed my teeth and check my hair wasn't sticking up too much. "Zoe, your lunchbox is ready" I heard my mum call.

"Thanks" I call back, and walk to my room.

I make my bed and open my curtains, thinking about the wonderful day I was going to have, since it was Tuesday and I had my only lesson with Ethan then. I was just wishing he would talk to me more, and was trying to work out what to say if he did.

I finished in my room and packed my lunchbox and all my homework away in my bag. Yes, I know, I did homework over the weekend, but it needed to be done. I sat in the rumpus room, and went on my computer, Will was watching Ben 10. Finally Grace finished doing whatever she did in the morning and we got in the car to go to school.

"Cya mum, you have a good day," I call to my mum as I hop out of the car. I look at the time on my watch and started powerwalking so I could get to class on time.

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