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I worked hard on the project with Ethan for the whole lesson, trying not to get to distracted. It was hard though, cause he's so cute! But we got quite a lot done, so that was good.

At lunch I was sitting with Chelsea and Poppy again, just talking.

"So how was Ethan….?" She Chelsea asked with a grin on her face.

"How was Ryan?" I retorted, with the same grin on my face.

"Egh! I don't like him!" she answered, blushing a little.

"You like Ryan?!" Poppy asked, surprised

"No! I don't like Ryan!" she screamed out.

"Don't you now? I feel quite offended by that, I might need to find a new partner now" Ryan said jokily, hearing her scream from where he was standing with his friends.

"Um, I, ah, do, egh." Chelsea spluttered, her cheeks burning up.

Ryan just laughed, winked at her and walked away, which made her face burn up like a tomato.

Poppy and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"I don't like him, I really don't!" Poppy said, imitating Chelsea.

"Oh shut up, it's not like you guys have never liked anyone." Chelsea complained.

"So you do like him!?" Poppy asked.

Chelsea covered her face in embarrassment.

"No shit Sherlock." I answered for her, and we all started laughing again.

"When are you gonna ask him out?" I finally asked, knowing that was the question that both Poppy and I were dying to know the answer of.

"Who said I am?" Chelsea answered.

"As if you wouldn't! it's so obvious he likes you!" I said in a raised hushed voice.

"Pffft, what would you know? You've been moping around after the same guy for 2 years! And a guy that would never, ever like you! One that you have no chance whatsoever with!" Chelsea snapped.

My face dropped, and tears started forming in my eyes. Chelsea just realised what she actually said, and her eyes went open wide.

"I'm sorry Zo, I didn't mean that." She tired apologizing, and I started to get and, and ran away just as I started to cry.

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