oh, this is how it all started, fuck the weak there all retarded, no hating unless, the brain has been departed, if i got shit confussed, would i learn my lesson...

Oh you,
Never in any way ,
Can you tell me whats wrong,
now you just left me,
Oh you,
Stared me in the eye,
Allways said you loved me,
Now you made me wanna die,
Oh you broke me,
Oh you,
Tell me there\'s love for us at all,
Together we stood,
Divided we fall.
But after gain and again,
They got back together happy with a grin,
No matter how they tried they could not pretend,
That there love was going to end!
OH you,
Shooked me in the eye allways thinking im a queer guy,
OH you,
You never really gave me that chance,
Now you have to suffer,
The your document here...