Oh, yea, jessie on the mic, were going to have sum fun tonight, you in the back, u feeling alright...well lets get blinded and fadded and party like old times...

(Jessie Parker)

Bitch! I hear you callin,
But im not callin in tonight,
Me and the knife have been thinking,
That we dont wont you around,
Just a few more hours,
And this knife will be into you,
Bitch i hear you calling,
Bitch what can you do?

Bitch! your gonna be so lonely,
On that house on the hill,
Bitch this knife is sharp,
thats why im gonna stab it into you,

(Whizz Freefo)

Bitch we are not the same, im not a martian, fuckin human, say im marvin, bitch u trippin, check out my disk, full on lisp, punch you in the face..hit hit hit hitlist...oh...yea, come to the show, we gotta end it fast i gotta go!