Here I am staring

At a blank screen

Another white page

Patiently…. Waiting.

Lucky you forgot me

And now you won't miss me

Where you are,

It's better than where you've been

But tell me where does

That leave me?

You would love how I

Found out,

The irony of how.

I think I'll start to hate

Poetry now.

I would have rather seen

Something by your hand

That was something I could


This seems foreign to me,

Like an invasion,

Something private that someone

Else has taken.

But when I wake up tomorrow

I know you'll still be gone

And these words that I type

Are to a grave stone.

A beautiful face

Swallowed herself to sleep

Before she ever had a moment

Of grace.

The world was cold

And so very cruel

And we all played the fool

Thinking we could ever

Stop you.

And you won't know me

No, you had long forgotten,

But I can't forget all that I knew

And what I saw in you.

Who's left over?

What will we do?

Your Nemo fish

Are lost swimming on

Without you.

The wind is colder

The rain is harsh

And you know my love

He'll blame himself

If we were all older

Could it be different?

Or would we see

That this was just how

You were determined to be?

Stupid lines…

Stupid poetry…

None of it is worth it

None of it brings you

Back to me.