What is this feeling?
I see him there
And my heart beats a thousand times
What is this feeling?

He looks at me
His eyes are kind
He is smiling
Does he notice me?

He talks like the angels
His words are soft
It is music to me
What is this feeling?

He comforts me
He cares for me
Am I his friend?
I hope I am

He gives me joy
He gives me worry
He gives me hope
He gives me annoyance

But all I see
Are the good things
He is perfect
Do I deserve him?

He is drowning
In a sea of people
I try to swim to him
But the current is strong

Will he ever see me?
Will he ever swim to me?
Will I be stronger
Than the sea itself?

He is drowning farther
I can't reach him
I can see him clearly
But will he ever notice me?

He is free from the sea
He is alone
What do I do?
I am nervous

Should I greet him?
Should I introduce myself?
But I am speechless
My tongue is in knots

He sees me
He walks to me
Does he notice me?
I am excited

He walks past me
He is with a girl
A beautiful girl
Who is she?

My heart shatters
Are there tears in my eyes?
I know this feeling now
I am in love

He bids goodbye to her
He turns and sees me
Is my face red?
I hope it isn't

He greets me
Is he saying hello?
All I hear
Is my heartbeat

The boy I adore
Is in front of me
What should I do?
My mind is a blur

Why does words fail me
At best times like this?
Should I tell him
I love him?

No, I can't
I must wait
I must be patient
So, I say hello

It started
Unlike I imagined
I acted like someone else
I don't like it

Why am I acting like this?
I sound so unusual
Was I always like this?
No, this is not me

I act like I am in a tragedy
But I am not
I am not like that
This is not me

But he tells me
I am nice
But this is not me
What is happening?

But slowly
I begin to act
Like myself again
Thank goodness

I act like that
Because I am in a different place
I act normal in my world
But I am different here

I don't know why
I am like that
But you helped me be normal
Here, in this world

Now, he knows who I really am
Now, he knows I love him
But he rejects me
It is okay

I want to be
His best friend
Will he let me?

Weeks past
Months past
And now it's over a year
We are still together

You give me presents
For my birthdays
It makes me happy
That you care about me

For now, I want to be
Your best friend
But someday,
I want to be more