I've never been the popular one
Especially with the high-strung boys
Usually stick with the girls
Avoiding the annoying guys in class

But one day after school
And met this boy
He was so different in many ways
So different from the guys in class

He was so easy to talk
So easy to tell my problems
I never felt so safe and free
And I just met this boy

I find out he's popular
All the girls confessing to him
On by one, they tell him
"I love you"

But some reason he rejects them
And the boy is you
You truly are different
From the other guys in class

So kind, so thoughtful, so gentle
But more importantly…
So out of my reach
And yet I…

I fell in love with you
I always thought falling in love
With someone popular
Would hurt me but…

Only you, my love
You are the only one
Who can make me feel this way
Who can change my mind

I'm in a fairy tale
Right here, right now
It feels so unreal, but it's true
I fell in love with a popular guy

Girls always chasing after you
Leaving me in the dust
Never ever be able to compete
With those perfect girls

But suddenly things turned around
You called me a best friend
Whom you love and cherish
Forever and always you said

Even if it's only as friends
But it's so much more than enough
Never thought I'd be able to
Break that barrier between us

Never thought you'd pay attention
Never thought you'd need me to stay
I always thought I was a background
But I guess I've been wrong

Now I can say I mean a lot to you
Now I can think I might have a chance
Even if it's only as friends
I'll gladly take that future

This is truly a fairy tale
Someone like me falls in love
With the most popular guy in school
And he's my best friend

My best friend is my first love
The only guy who can
Make my heart race like a racecar
And the track leads to your love

I'm going fast to get your love
But at the same time, going slow
'Cause it's not about the finish line
But it's about the effort to get there

I may be just a glasses-wearing-bookworm
And you're a popular-heartthrob
But step by step, I'm getting closer
Step by step, I'm catching up

The other girls win in appearance
The other girls win in age
But I refuse to lose
Because in love, I'm still in the game

Don't count me out just yet
'Cause I'm still in the race
Maybe someday I'll reach the finish line
Or maybe I'll crash and burn

But that doesn't scare me at all
No matter how rough the track is
No matter how many rivals there are
I'll keep racing until it ends

'Cause it's not about the finish line
But it's about the effort to get there
It's not always good to rush
'Cause you might crash and burn

I know you're watching the race
And I know you're judging not our speed
But our effort to the finish line
Just a little more effort…

With all my heart
With all my soul
I won't give up the race
Not until a winner has come

I don't care if I'm last place
I don't care if I don't win
'Cause I know you'll hold your promise
That we'll be best friends forever and always