Both Touri and Yuka began scanning around the staircase they had been situated at for the past 15 minutes. Recess should have begun by now, why did they hear no bell? What intrigued them more was why there were no students around. They had their conversation and a slight incident with Yuka's flashback, and yet no one had walked past or used the stairs during that time.

"Shall we try going downstairs?" Yuka suggested, tugging on Touri's shirt, Tour nodded. They quickly made their way down to their classroom hallway to see the place was completely deserted.

"Where is everyone?" Yuka asked. Before Touri could answer, the door to his classroom slid open and Haru rushed out throwing a sutra charm at whatever was in the classroom. He slid the door closed and placed a sutra scroll on the door in an attempt to seal the door closed magically.

"Haru! What's going on?" Touri asked, Haru stared at Touri and Yuka blankly. Whatever was inside Touri's classroom began charging at the door, wanting to be let out.

"No time! Let's run for it!" Haru yelled, grabbing the two and pushing them in front of him.

"What-are-we-running-forrrr?!" Yuka screamed, running to keep with the boys.

"Demons," Haru answered, looking behind them.

"Why didn't you just get rid it?" Touri yelled angrily.

"Two many of them idiot! I can handle 3 but there were at least 6 in there!" Haru yelled back, rather annoyed as to why he was being scolded.

"What kind?"

"Leech-sucker-kind of things,"

"What? That's not something I have dealt with before,"

"NO KIDDING! Especially not more than our usual damn it!"

"Eh? Leech things?" Yuka asked, a little surprised as Haru and Touri's conversation, it seemed they knew little of their new foe.

"A really weird cross between a snake and a slug," Haru answered, as they took a left around the corner.

"Was it a crimson red color?" Yuka asked, running through what she had learnt from Osamu.

"Yeah? Why?"

"Then we should stop running!" Yuka yelled, a surge of adrenalin running through her veins. She stopped in her tracks, making both boys stumble at her sudden halt. She clapped her hands once in front of her, and twice closer to her chest. Touri and Haru now watching her closely, both recognising the motion.

"Hamuri kiri!" She chanted forcefully and as predicted by Touri and Haru, Yuka's eyes glowed a bright blue, next thing they knew, a smoky mist engulfed the corridor behind her. The boys' jaw's dropped, since when did Yuka have the ability to use incantations?

"That should do the trick," Yuka nodded to herself, she brushed her skirt roughly and quickly grabbed something from her right thigh, Touri caught a glimpse of what it was; and evoker. A high pitched monstrous roar could be heard only metres away from where they were.

"Here they come," Yuka said, in a stance ready to run forward.

"Should we really take them head on if we don't know what their weaknesses are?" Haru asked, getting his evoker.

"Never hurts to try," Touri replied, already holding his, "We can't keep running around school,"

"What happened to our classmates?" Yuka asked, glancing back at the boys.

"It seems we're in another time dimension, considering none of them are around," Touri answered, walking to stand closer to Yuka.

"I guess we have no choice huh?" Haru commented with a grin, "Gonna have to play hero today,"

"What happened in the classroom?" Touri asked Haru, who was now on Yuka's left side.

"I went to go check if you were back in your classroom and that Yuka-san was with you, since she didn't return to the classroom after I sent her to check up on you," Haru began, "But something wasn't right the moment I left my own classroom.

"But we were in the hallway and didn't feel anything change," Yuka interjected, "Right Touri-kun?"

"Yeah, except for your flashback," Touri replied.

"Then again, whenever we do face these annoying demons, we're always shifted into another dimension," Haru pointed out, nodding his head towards the mist which was now starting to clear. Soon enough 7 of the snake-slug-like things Haru described were at the next intersection of the hallway. They did look like a mix between a snake and slug. A rather fat jelly-like body, yet covered in crimson red scales for protection. It had no eyes and had two antenna on either side of its head, what Yuka had noticed was that they had lines all over them, printed over their scales; Yuka assumed they were inscriptions of some sort. But now was the time to admire their form, they had to get rid of them to continue their day. The boys seemed rather clueless as to how to go about it, so it was up to Yuka. When the mist cleared, the boys were expecting the leeches to lurch themselves at them, whereas they didn't move. Yuka smiled and the demon's sudden stop confirmed her theory, she made a motion to grab another evoker, which was strapped to her left thigh and the demon in front jerked its head to her. Yuka had hoped the boys had noticed this, but she couldn't wait for them to figure things out, so grabbed her 2nd evoker and at top speed ran towards the demons.

"YUKA!" Touri yelled, alarmed at her sudden actions. Since when was she so brave? He was about to run after her when he saw Yuka almost disappear before his eyes. If it weren't for his sharp eyesight, he would have lost her completely. She was running at top speed; faster than what the normal human eye could keep up with. Within less than a minute, Yuka had landed on her two feet without a scratch, in front of the demons. There were a few silent seconds before one by one, like a domino effect, each demon fell and dissolved into nothing in front of Yuka. Yuka stood still her evokers in each hand, ready to go again should she had missed one target; though she highly doubted it. She brushed under her skirt again to put her trust evokers in their strap and looked around her.

It seemed they were back in their own dimension since students were now walking down the very hallway the demons fell. The bell rang, signalling that recess was over. Yuka could hardly believe that their debacle with the demons went for only 20 minutes, from the time they were running and the conversation with Touri in the beginning, it was sure to have gone for longer.

"Looks like Yuka-chan has been training with Osamu," Haru teased, patting Yuka on the head proudly.

"Yeah... I guess so?" Yuka stammered, "How did you know? Osamu said it won't be told,"

"I heard some of the maids talking about a young high school student enrolling in to the advanced program,"

"From my understanding, those maids should have been told off for gossiping," Touri said frowning.

"Why Touri-kun?" Yuka asked.

"That's how some people easily find information about the clan," Touri detailed, another bell ringing in the background.

"We better get to class," Yuka advised, "We can talk about this at the end of the day," to which the three of them rushed to class.

Touri couldn't concentrate during class. His mind wandered at Yuka's sudden advancement in battling demons. He was pretty sure their flashback was only a month or two ago. How could see have learnt so much? Her application of fighting techniques and use of incantations was very advanced, perhaps higher than Haru and himself who had been learning since they were young.

He couldn't help but be impressed by her form. While she had taken the 7 demons that had attacked them during recess; she was graceful and precise with every movement she made. He didn't think that she'd be the type to se two evokes either but with her speed and accurate shooting, it made sense to why Osamu allowed her. As the last few hours of their school day ticked by, Touri became rather restless. He groaned at the thought they stole had classroom chores afterwards, he had to oversee everything, being the class representative.

"You don't look so happy Touri-san," Erika worried.

"Some thing happened today during recess," Touri said.

"So that's why you 3 were missing during lunch. Kyoko was getting worried. She thought something might have happened to Yuka-chan," Touri chuckled.

"She worries about Yuka-chan more so than Haru huh?"

"Only cause she knows he can look after himself quite well. With all the little adventure you two have had in the past,"

"I'm going to assume Haru has been telling of his heroic ventures huh?"

"Only to impress Kyoko. But she loves hearing about these things,"

"Well we're all planning to get together after we're done with classroom chores. I know Kyoko won't let Yuka-chan off on not being there for lunch,"

"Well she did say that if it were just yourself and Yuka-chan. She wouldn't care. Only because she thinks you two need to spend more time with each other,"

"Why must two matchmakers be a couple as well. That should be made a taboo," Erika giggled.

"I do find it amusing the the two most energetic and meddlesome people from both sides are dating. But from observation, it seems they are the only ones who seem to have the ability to calm the other down,"

"I have noticed Haru is less troublesome lately. Though Kyoko hasn't really stopped him from using any form of method to tease me,"

"Only because you open yourself up for those moments," Touri was going to say something in his defense but decided against it. He grabbed the nearest spray and cloth and began cleaning the windows of the classroom.