I never expected my life to become as it is. I was actually never expecting

anything to happen in the little state of Delaware. I lived in California. The place

where a person might want to live. So the day we moved wasn't the happiest day

of my life. We moved to Delaware in the beginning of the winter. California has

different kind of weather. It's usually sunny and warm, but during the winter it

gets somewhat cold. I guess it also depends in the place your in. So when I got to

the Philadelphia airport and out, I found that places like these get really, really

cold during the winter. I may just have frozen up completely out there. The hour

drive to our new home was quiet. I didn't feel like talking much and my mom

seemed to get the message. My dad left me when I was 12. As much as that

affected me, I wasn't going to let my mom see how hurt I really was. Stepping out

into the cold once more, I stood in front of my new home. A sort of townhouse. It

didn't look like the place for me, but I would give it a try. We stepped inside and

looked around. The place that would be the living room had floorboards and it

was painted a sort of brown creamy color. The whole downstairs seemed that

way. The kitchen was small, but we would make do. It had a small pantry to but

our goods. It also had floorboards. As well as the whole downstairs. There was a

little bathroom to the side of the kitchen, which had tiles. It was painted a light

blue with silver sponge marks all over. I walked into the dining room, which was in

the same room as the kitchen; I walked over to the glass door and looked out into

the backyard. A white shed stood in the very back of the yard next to a tall tree.

The fence around the yard was painted a red brown color. A porch was also

present in the yard. I slid the door open to find a gust of wind waiting to smack

me in the face. My cheeks stung a little from the coldness, but I stepped out onto

the porch and stood there looking all around. Behind our house a sort of forest

made up of trees, but I could see the road and other houses in one spot of the

opening. I let out a loud sigh as I headed back inside. For some reason I got the

feeling tomorrow would not be the best day ever. I had to go to school.