Prologue: The Cat Sentenced To Death And The Boy (Perspective: Leila)

Why has it come to this? I wanted to get revenge, but I got caught. My hands and feet are restrained by chains. An iron collar and another chain secure me to the raised execution platform.

A large crowd of people all crammed together looking at me from the town square below. Why is there an execution platform permanently in the town square? Because it has more than its fair share of use. Normally around this time there would be market stalls set up below. But just for little old me, it's become a vacant space with nothing but spectators. I wish I could say that I feel honoured for this 'privilege'. The people's expressions below vary dramatically from solemn to disgust.

"This girl is charged with breaking into the governor's manor, and attempting to harm Governor Rayd." A middle aged man addresses the crowd below.

But that so called governor is pure evil. He's hurt so many people. Yet, no ones ever stood against him.

"For such heinous crimes, when she is a mere S.H. (Supernatural Human) Her sentence is, DEATH!" He declares.

I glare at the man in anger as I grind my teeth. I have always suffered discrimination for being a S.H., so you would think I would be used to it. But it hurts every time. The cat ears on top of my head, my tail that extends from my lower back, they have caused me nothing but problems throughout my life.

"Do it." He signals to a man wearing a mask and holding a huge axe.

A salty liquid runs down my brow as the masked man approaches. I close my eyes to hide from the truth, and to hold in my tears.

*Stomp! Stomp!* - The loud footsteps from the huge man moving across the wooden platform edges closer and closer.

A clear liquid of emotion escapes through my shut eyelids, I tighten them shut to stop the leaking overflow. Even if they take my head, I won't let them take my dignity.

Soon the sound of footsteps stops. "Any last words?" A low pitch voice asks.

I shake my head. Just get it over with.

Just when I was expecting a sharp sensation on my neck.

"Galaxy~~Punch~~!" A hysterical voice rings in my ears. I open my eyes in surprise.

"UGHHH~!" The masked man flies backwards and land on top of the old man.

I slowly move my eyes to my saviour.

There stands a teenage boy with sky blue eyes, and short blond spiky hair that shimmers in the sun. He's wearing a red shirt with a green leather vest over the top. His dark trousers have belts strapped around the thighs and shins.

"Who are you?" I ask in bewilderment

The boy turns to me with an innocent smile and grabs a firm hold of the chain that is securing me to the platform.

"Just give me a second." He says with a soothing voice.

*Snap!* - With his bare hands, the boy snaps the chain. Just what kind of physical strength does this guy possess?

"We're getting out of here." The boy's statement brings me back to reality.

"Guards get them!" The announcement man orders. Several men in armour are making their way up the platform, I can feel the heavy vibrations of their movement through the wood.

"How are we going to get out of here? Do you have some sort of master plan?" I ask anxiously.

The boy grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet.

"Of course I do." He declares, I feel an instant relief from his answer. "We run like the wind." He continues. I nearly fall backwards due to the shock. What kind of crappy plan is that!? My hands and feet are still restrained. I can't run from this many people in such a state.

Before I can voice my complaints of his rubbish strategy verbally, I feel my feet being lifted off the ground.

"Huh!? What are you!?" I ask as my face heats up. The boy suddenly, throws me onto his shoulder.

"And we're out of here!" He shouts as he runs and jumps off the fifteen metre ascended platform, with me over his shoulder.



Our voices overlap, as gravity pulls us into the crowd, that quickly splits apart in a hurry.

We land with a heavy thud onto the ground, the boy is unfazed. I however, feel like I am going to throw up. This guy is completely reckless.

"Move! Move!" The boy yells as he runs through the crowd. The recoil from his shoulder jolts me roughly side to side with every step he takes.

"" I beg weakly.

"I will once we escape." He replies. I don't think I will last that long. I'm already at my limit.

"Come back here!" A couple of guards shout as they give chase.

"Shit! I'm going to pick up the pace." The boy warns. Wait, if you increase your speed even more then...

"NOOO~!" I scream in despair.

What a day. Sentenced to death, but saved at the last minute by a mysterious boy. I get the feeling, my life, is going to change in leaps and bounds from now on.

Author note

Special thanks to Renealexa off Deviantart for drawing the image I'm using as the cover.