I watch your lips wrap around a glass

Or twist sometimes in anger, sadness

Or glowing happiness

Your smile is worth

The world to me

Even though

It belongs to her

And the Vaseline

Smeared on your lips

Makes it harder

To speak

And sometimes when

The metal tracks in your mouth

Cut your lips

You need more of it

To heal your wounds

Like a band-aid on a cut

Or vodka to ease your heartache

And I've always hated how it feels on me

So sticky and slimy

But god, what I would give

To feel your Vaseline-covered lips

Feverishly pressed against mine

And I've always hated those metal tracks

Wondered why they were there


To interfere with my studies

Of your lips

And the words that come out

What I would give

To see that smile

Every day

When I wake up

If only I could give

My heart to you

Wrapped up in red silk

So you couldn't tell the difference

Between the bloodstains

And the beauty

Because I don't need it

Where I am going

If I can not get

Just one taste

Of perfection