One of Those Days

As I sat on the school bus on my way home,

I grew very bored and composed a quick poem,

The patterns on the seat I traced with my eyes,

and followed the progress of a crow in the sky,

The journey was bumpy and the weather was crap,

So I decided I might as well have a short nap,

So I rested my head on the fog smudged glass,

And listened to the bus driver being an ass,

Put your seatbelt on, he yelled from his chair,

My seatbelt was off but didn't care,

I tried in vain to continue my sleep,

And even attempted to count furry sheep,

I sighed in frustration and opened my eyes,

What I beheld was a startling surprise,

I was at the bus stop right next to my house,

The bus as silent as a little white mouse,

My face left an odd silhouette on the glass,

I frowned, was my head really shaped like that ?,

I looked out the window we were moving I frowned,

The rain I noticed was still pouring down,

" Im still here go back ! " I began to shout

He replied " that's too bad your walking. get out",

My sopping wet hair stuck to my face,

As I trudged home in a miserable state,

I heard a loud bark and turned in alarm,

A large black dog, suddenly I felt warm,

Probably because I broke into a run ,

This day, I reflected, I wished would be done,

In my panicked state I tripped on my lace,

I thought he would bite but the dog licked my face,

I shoved him off in utter disgust,

My jumper now covered in dirt mud and dust,

My hair and clothes were completely unkempt,

I threw the mongrel a final look of contempt,

I turned on my heel and continued to walk,

I was further from home than initially thought,

By the time by got home my dinner was cold,

"Well next time don't be late" my mother did scold,

I muttered obscenities under my breath ,

If she had had my day she wouldn't scold me I bet,

" okay thats it " loudly I said,

" I'm done, I give up, I'm going to bed !",

I collapsed on my covers in a graceless heap,

Attempting once more to count elusive white sheep,